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  1. You Could Be Happy
    by You're My Ghost
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  2. Pest (Dissonant Black Metal)
    by NORSE (Australia)
    Awesome,dissonant,without being pretentious, Portal,Blut Aus Nord,Imperial Triumphant,if you like any of these,then this will get you there ,and further.
  3. Разрыв связи
    by Оцепеневшие
    This is awesome, never heard of this group,but I am totally addicted to this.If Scorn had an introverted sibling it might sound something like this,hypnotic repetitive,mindless,thought provoking dementia,buy!
  4. GODOG
    by Deep
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  5. Totenkopf
    by Deep
    Godflesh, Ministry,Skinny Puppy,in a blender,this is essential.Take your influences and create this.
  6. Sin031: Every Scar Is A Victory
    by The Voidloss
    This collects things I am attracted to and makes something rather wonderful.Elements of Author and Punisher,NIN,Jesu,this has emotion,nihilism, and just pure enjoyment,buy this!
  7. Scientist
    by Scientist
    This hits hard and continues to do so for the duration,intense,blistering,prog sludge,whatever,a fantastic band,and an essential purchase!
  8. 10100II00101
    by Scientist
    There has been alot written about this,so I won't write too much,except to say it is more varied,not diluted,but rather wonderful.All the musicians are from bands I like,unyet this does not detract or descend into introspection.Even if you have never heard of groups such as Yakuza,you will surely want to check them out after this.
  9. Recurring Nightmare
    by Lunar Ark
    This is totally awesome,blackened doom sludge with added passion,the bass is phenomenal.One of the best records I have had the pleasure of listening to this year.That reverberating sound of the bass,as my skull slowly implodes!
  10. As Above So Below
    by SOW
    Brain frying suicidal sludge,makes me feel good,a slow punishment that never ends.Lots of artists doing similar things,this is similar taken to another level!
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  11. Terminal
    by Bongripper
  12. Pillars Of Creation
    by Mantras
    An exceptional release,psychedelic drone,love this,slowly wrapping itself around my brain,Loop remixed by Earth 2.
  13. Beyul
    by Yakuza
    This is Yakuzas most,for me anyway best album,what a group!An album that combines their signature sound and elevates it to another appreciation of something I took for granted.
  14. Goddess of Death
    by Derketa
    The sound and feel of this is awesome,the tone the atmosphere,sick,slow,agonizing pleasure for doom death fiends,just buy this!
    A massive record,echoes of the mighty Godflesh,but looser with extra swing,love this,checking out their back catalogue!
  17. Terraforming (Atmospheric Doom/Sludge Metal)
    by JUPITERIAN (Brazil)
  18. Protosapien
    by JUPITERIAN (Brazil)
    I agree with the excellent reviews above,when someone described this as a cross between Minsk and Portal then I just had to buy.This is essential!
  19. ХТОНЬ
    by ДЫБА
    Largely instrumental sludge,it swaggers and when vocals appear on the first track,reminiscent of Dark Buddha Rising.The lengthy last track traverses Sunno territory,overall I am liking this!
  20. Heirs
    by Ire Wolves
    I am new to this band,but on initial listens,this is very impressive.The vocals sound similar to Cult of Luna,but not the music,there is more than enough going on,without comparisons.Excellent and involving.