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  1. Autumn
    by Enneade
  2. A Foul Taste of Freedom
    by Enneade
  3. Surprise
    by Steve Lawson and Corey Mwamba
    Continuation Continuation
    Indeed, a very peaceful and relaxing EP (or short album). As always, the depth of Steve's spontaneous compositions and skillful delivery with his bass plus gadgets setup is astounding. His collaborations offer other ingredients to the recipe, here it's Corey Mwambas vibraphone. An excellent match!

    Note: Please consider supporting Steve these days, as he has to deal with severe health issues and won't be able to work for a while.

    Best wishes to you, Steve!
  4. The Folk Companion
    by Lars Bygdén
    We're Not About To Fall Apart - Folk Version We're Not About To Fall Apart - Folk Version
    As I have a knack for Scandinavian folk on the one hand and on the other hand love his dark masterpiece, The Dark Companion, this was high on the wishlist...
  5. Weltklang
    by Polis
    Gedanken Gedanken
    Psychedelic prog from Saxony, often with a hard edge but then, as the band comment implies, there's room for calmer, more romantic moments as well. Nevertheless, I don't know any band that sounds like these guys, at least not in the combination of the different elements. The (for lack of a better word) snotty vocals probably remind me of 90s Selig a little bit, but I might have to cross-check that ;-)
  6. Turf Ascension
    by Bubblemath
    Refuse Refuse
    Argh, this almost wandered down the withlist, but this artfull prog album really can't wait to become one of the lovely Cuneiform weekend specials to be integrated in my collection.

    As many have said before: Strong contender for prog album of the year!
  7. Small Worlds: Six-String Mixtape Volume 6
    by Andre LaFosse
    Each Planet a Complete Society Each Planet a Complete Society
    As I was in the middle of assembling this Bandcamp Friday's shopping cart this hit into my mailbox. I spontaneously fell in love with these minimalistic, hypnotic ditties ;-)
  8. Stay Tuned!
    by Dominique Fils-Aimé
    There is probably Fire There is probably Fire
    Modern soul with a jazzy touch here and there and without all the production "goodies" I can't stand in most modern soul albums. Great voice, good songs!
  9. Faery Revolution
    by Silent Temple
    Faery Revolution Faery Revolution
    An ecclectic mix of styles, "progressive folk rock" might be the dominant tag overall (but those other tags are plausible, as well). The male/female vocals often tend towards the operatic, which normally puts me off, but in this context, they work fine (even for me ;-) ).
    The songs take their time (all between 5 and 9 minutes), but they make good use of it (no meanless meandering, but many interesting twists and turns).
  10. Bateless Edge
    by Frogg Cafe
    Under Wuhu Son: I. In the Bright Light Under Wuhu Son: I. In the Bright Light
    The last (?) album of these US band with roots as a Zappa cover band. Apparently they are/were quite popular but I haven't heard of them before, to be honest.
    A real cornucopia of an album, with many styles (jazz, fusion, rock, prog, folk, (neo-)classical, world....), many memorable melodies, moods and arrangement ideas.
  11. Silver Ship
    by Red River Dream
    Silver Ship Silver Ship
    Very pleasant psychedelic Westcoast folk rock. Hope there will be more soon!
  12. The Temple Within
    by Matthew Halsall
    The Eleventh Hour The Eleventh Hour
    Matthew's kind of "spiritual jazz" is exactly my kind of tea - which doesn't mean, that I'm not into many other types of beverages ;-)
    Great new EP!
  13. Withered Flowers and Cinnamon
    by Enneade
    Illumination Illumination
    Formidable 3rd album (in over 25 years - slow and steady won the race with this release, indeed). Thy're tagged as progressive metal band, but they blend that facet perfectly with many good things proggy from the past (70s Genesis, Tull, Gentle Giant, 80s (and onwards) Crimson and whatnot).
    Attention: What you got here as NYP item is the "excerpt version" of the album. To buy the full thing head over to the link above the tracklist.Thanks to band member Georges-Marc for taking care of me ;-)
  14. Father Dog
    by Procosmian Fannyfiddlers
    Woodridden Wanker Woodridden Wanker
    What a treat! These Norwegian bunch delivers an absolutely-over-the-top clash of styles mixed with hilarious, dirty lyrics. It doesn't sound like Zappa at all but is very Zappaesque in spirit: great musicianship, fearful ecclectic mix of styles and naughty lyrics complete with numerous hooklines that you nevertheless will find hard to sing along!

    Also hard to pick a favourite track, I chose the Woodridden Wanker to give you an idea ;-)
  15. Jazz the Roots
    by Jazz the Roots
    Libertad Libertad
    Astoundingly well working fusion of jazz, reggae/ska and rock with mixing ratios varying, never sticking to one formula. Plenty of room to shine for all band members. Colourful arrangements, many (instrumental) hooklines. Makes me want to dance along, most of the time;-)
  16. New Light Choir
    by New Light Choir
    Morning Star Morning Star
    Extremely catchy indie rock songs. Tags given say rock and metal, but at least in some of my favourite songs here I'm hearing more (gothic) Americana than metal. Sometimes both sound worlds collide (or better combine) as in Morning Star, which I therefore chose as favourite track...
  17. Färd
    by Plog
    Kungariket Kungariket
    The tags to this album name post-rock twice which might be a "typo" but sums things up pretty well ;-)

    A Swedish trio delivering aforementioned post-rock (of the good kind, of course) with plenty of other influences/ ingredients, nicely constructed songs with genre-typical long build ups. Lots of atmosphere!

    And thanks to willy vlyminck for the find:-)
  18. Tales Of Tangle
    by Mother Upduff
    The Captive The Captive
    Thanks for the hint, Jacampanman, and nicely put: Afghan Whigs on acid :-))
    And with plenty of good songs, if I might add...
  19. World Diary
    by Tony Levin
    The Sound Of Goodbye The Sound Of Goodbye
    Thanks to MoonJune's Bandcamp Friday special deal, I had to fill up some gaps in my collection (all things MoonJune are great, btw)!

    This might be considered, as the name suggests, Uncle Tony's world music album. Many guests/collaborators, some of them along the usual (prog-related) suspects, but also
  20. Senna
    by Mahogany Frog
    Saffron Myst Saffron Myst
    Thanks to MoonJune's Bandcamp Friday special deal, I had to fill up some gaps in my collection (all things MoonJune are great, btw)!

    This might be their fan favourite. Instrumental psychedelia and jazzy workouts.