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  1. Sawyer's Hope
    by Mudlow
    I would have seen them on the fantastic Orange Blossom Special festival this weekend if it weren't for that blasted virus. So probably next year, guys. See you in Beverungen!
    And for the music: It's some stray doggy kind of Blues which should work extremely well live on stage...
  2. UDU - UDU
    by CPL-Music
    I have to admit, that I never heard of Buryatia before. I checked it to be a neighbour of Tuva and that might hint at what to - partly - expect of this wonderful collaboration of these musicians from Buryatia and Lithuania. Inner Asian throat singing mixed with Latvian folk. Wonderful.
    Btw, CPL-Music and its brethren are wonderful labels, as well!
    Take a look at if your firm grasp of the German language allows for that ;-)
  3. Anthology Part II
    by LikeWendy
    No Tomorrow (I No Tomorrow, II The Awakening) No Tomorrow (I No Tomorrow, II The Awakening)
    Shamelessly melodic (neo prog) compilation. If melody is a cussword for you, stay away, by all means. If not, step a little closer and take a seat. :-)
    I agree with the IQ-comparisons but in other places I'm more reminded of early BJH, a little Camel or Marillion, neither of them afraid of a beautiful, hummable melody.
  4. The Echo of The Desert
    by Rider Negro
    In an Ancient Ziggurat In an Ancient Ziggurat
    With Pink Floyd being my favourite band and The Doors among those not far behind, how could I not like these Mexican grand-sons of a certain James Douglas Morrison!? Well, overall the Doors influences clearly dominate, but early-Floydian elements are plenty and the occasional Latin infusions make things even more interesting. Someone mentioned Tio Carlos S. and listening to El Buitre, I won't argue with that ;-)

    I chose Ziggurat as favourite, as it's combining nicely the mentioned influences...
  5. FREE DOWNLOAD!! Una mirada furtiva - Compilation 2004-2019
    by October Equus
    Sombra Sombra
    An adventurous and daring introduction to the works of this Spanish avant prog band. Muchas gracias a Ángel Ontalva for making this available on a NYP base! Fascinating stuff, if you're in the mood for, say, instrumental 70s Crimson-like stuff, meaning that this is neither for the faint-hearted nor easily hummable. Good equipment and your full attention will help to enjoy this ride!
  6. PANAMERICA (Discs 3&4): Full Show (Costa Rica)
    by Stick Men featuring David Cross
    Shades of Starless Shades of Starless
    You can't do wrong with the Stick Men if you're a Crimson fan or have the slightest interest in improvisation-laden (prog) rock.
    They release this Costa Rica show on it's own and thanks to that, because this is how I prefer them: All the aspects of their music delivered in another blistering live set.
    And again, they are joined by Ex-Crimso David Cross on violin, adding another dimension to their music :-)
    As Mantra wasn't choosable as favorite, I opted for the starless shades, again...
  7. M81 Live "Under The Pink Moon"
    by M81
  8. The Dark Night of the Soul
    by Jonathan Hultén
    Anguished Are the Young Anguished Are the Young
    After reading a rave review about his new album "Chants From Another Place" I checked it that could be found here on Bandcamp. It wasn't. Instead, I found this EP from 2017 on which that review would have fit, too. Great songs, great vocal arrangements, great singing. And yes, this enticing collection of folky songs surely isn't what you'd expect of a Dark Metal band's guitar player ;-)
  9. One
    Crimson Medley Crimson Medley
    Acquiring the deeply schrotted version of "Lake of Fire" I had made a mental note, to get a whole album of this highly unusual project (a bass saxophone quartet!). In other words, I forgot exactly to do so until today ;-)
    Original compositions by the quartet's members alternating with their very own takes on some rock classics and, er, one Kylie tune (great version here, really!).
    Highly ecommended to play this on decent equipment. This music is so much more fun then!
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  10. The Lost Sessions
    by Geri X
    Jackyl and Hyde Jackyl and Hyde
    Thanks to Lute FP for pointing this out! Pondering about his “squeaky thing” I also noticed John Wesley's participation, whom I, up to now, only knew in proggy contexts which this clearly isn't. To quote Lute FP: "Folksy, bluesy, poppy, alt-y", yepp!
    Other omparisons that came to my mind might be Rykarda Parasol or - a somewhat tamed version of - Sandy Dillon.
  11. Gargoyles
    by Big Hogg
    Star Of The Show Star Of The Show
    If you should have to guess this album's creation time and place you might - at least on the first impression - end up guessing wrong. It's neither the 70s nor Canterbury but 2017 and Glasgow :-)
    Charming album, anyway!
  12. Stereo Spirit
    by Daby Touré
    Bibou Bibou
    Hailing from Mauritania, Daby had spent his adult life in Paris, when he recorded this album in 2007. Thus, it's no surprise that these songs, most of them catchy as hell, reflect both his "Western" and African roots. I was more than once reminded to Youssou N'Door by his beautiful singing.
  13. Family Affair
    by Iggy Pop
    Iggy doing Sly! :-)
    Welcome to Bandcamp, dear Mr. Osterberg!
  14. Morning Sun (The Best of Jon Hunt 2008-2013)
    by Jon Hunt
    London Road London Road
    Interesting mixture of prog and pop and indie and stuff! Jon can't be easily filed and obviously he is striving for that ;-)
    Much of the material offered here is very song-orientated, which always is a good thing, but there are also proggy workouts most prominently the 18-minute-behemoth Making Tea Is Freedom (an English song title if ever I've seen one ;-) ).
    I picked the shorter Lodon Road as favorite. If The Pineapple Thief are your, er, cup of tea, you should give Angels a try, too!
  15. Boy Kiss
    by Straight Sex
    Conscious Effort Conscious Effort
    Psychedelic pop with catchy melodies. Couldn't make up my mind whether to buy Boy Kiss or Girl Kiss, so in the mood of the day (May 1) and thanks to Bandcamp, it felt natural to get them both...
  16. Girl Kiss
    by Straight Sex
    Song for Vanwyngarden Song for Vanwyngarden
    Psychedelic pop with catchy melodies. Couldn't make up my mind whether to buy Boy Kiss or Girl Kiss, so in the mood of the day (May 1) and thanks to Bandcamp, it felt natural to get them both...
  17. Age of Aquarius
    by Villagers of Ioannina City
    Father Sun Father Sun
    I can't help but to think of these fabulous guys as the Greek Opeth. And that is meant as a big compliment, of course! I love the way in which they incorporate prog and folk elements in their stoner based music and that it's not just a clever mix of genres but that they really do have good songs!
  18. riza
    by Villagers of Ioannina City
    Old Greek folk songs gone stoner rock. Sounds interesting? Well, it is! I originally came for the Age of Aquarius, but this went in the cart, too :-)
  19. Trifecta: Fusion
    by Superfluous Motor
    Contact Contact
    This May 1 offers excellent opportunity to get the rest of the Trifecta trilogy by this great one-man band!
  20. Trifecta: Funk
    by Superfluous Motor
    Lay the Groundwork Lay the Groundwork
    This May 1 offers excellent opportunity to get the rest of the Trifecta trilogy by this great one-man band! Funky, funky!