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  1. FRAGMENTS OF HOPE - VOL. 1 (CD & Zine)
    by Compilation
  2. Star Kisses And Rain Wishing
    by Bulldozer Crash
  3. Atlantic
    by They Go Boom!!
  4. Beyond Tomorrow
    by They Go Boom!!
  5. The Kids Just Wanna Demo
    by Mousefolk / Candy Darlings
  6. Search For The Right Words
    by dub sex
  7. Boomy Tella
    by The Claim
  8. the original rock 'n' roll chair
    by The Passmore Sisters
  9. Thirty Years Of Shouting Quietly
    by Bradford
  10. Neither Love Nor Money
    by The Chrysalids
  11. The Best Of...(I Know It's Only Indie Pop But I Like It)
    by The Groove Farm
  12. The Believers
    by The Believers
  13. You Can See Everything From Here
    by The Harvest Ministers
  14. Damp Jungle (1980) & The Living Room (1982) - BUNDLE
    by Damp Jungle, The Living Room
  15. Red Hot Swing For Ice Cool Cats
    by Mike Montez and the Velvetones
  16. Unconditionally Recommended
    by Mike Montez and the Velvetones
  17. Einmal Ist Keinmal
    by Voice Of The Rain
  18. All Too Much
    by The Gits (UK)
  19. Chant The Beauty
    by Voice Of The Rain
  20. Call Me Ishmael
    by Voice Of The Rain
  21. A Field Further
    by Voice Of The Rain
  22. No Way Out But Through
    by Voice Of The Rain
  23. Big Sur and the Glasgow Years
    by Andy Thornton
  24. Pokeweed Wormfence
    by Voice Of The Rain
  25. "Lost Songs Of The Confederacy" LP/CD/DL
    by James King and the Lonewolves
  26. The Gits Drink Milk
    by The Gits (UK)
  27. Further Afield
    by Voice Of The Rain
  28. Reign
    by Voice Of The Rain
  29. Other People's Angels
    by Voice Of The Rain
  30. Peacetime Broadcast
    by The Five Year Plan
  31. PZL025: The Spinning Wheels - When The Music's Over
    by Spinning Wheels
  32. Best of the Generals 1985-1990
    by Things in General