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Carolus e nocte

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  1. Atavism
    by Slough Feg
  2. Such Power is Dangerous!
    by Cardinals Folly
  3. Dream Quest Ends
    by Smoulder
  4. Hardworlder
    by Slough Feg
  5. V 2019 EP
  6. Through Divine Rite
    by Stygian Crown
  7. Strange Conflicts of the Past
    by Cardinals Folly
  8. God Οf Τhe Deep Unleashed
    by Wrathblade
  9. Blood Fire Doom Volume 1
    by Solstice
  10. Indestroy
    by Saw Throat
  11. White Thane
    by Solstice
  12. Halcyon
    by Solstice
  13. Mighty & Superior
    by Isen Torr
  14. Blood Fire Doom Volume 2
    by Solstice
  15. White Horse Hill
    by Solstice
  16. New Dark Age
    by Solstice
  17. Death's Crown Is Victory
    by Solstice
  18. Lamentations
    by Solstice
  19. To Sol A Thane
    by Solstice
  20. Twisted Tower Dire Demo 1995
  21. Twisted Tower Dire Demo 1997
    by Twisted Tower Dire
  22. I Am The Gate EP
    by The Wandering Midget
  23. Dirge
    by Vendel
  24. Dominion Of Darkness
    by Hellbringer
  25. Wings Of Decadence
    by Extirpation
  26. Vidargängr
    by Vidargängr
  27. Ricky's Dead
    by Shitfucker
  28. Lawless Age 2017
    by Weapönizer
  29. Poser Terminator
    by Enter Obscurity
  30. Masculine Masskilling
    by Wifebeater
  31. Demo´18
    by Karloff
  32. Total Hell
    by Infant Death
  33. Minami Deutsch
    by Minami Deutsch/南ドイツ
  34. De Fragments
    by Milanku
  35. F# A# ∞
    by Godspeed You! Black Emperor
  36. Souls at Zero
    by Neurosis
  37. Enforcers of Evil
    by Bastardizer
  38. Return to the Plaguelands
    by Vaelastrasz
  39. The Basilisk
    by Roman Master
  40. Sharpen Thy Knife, Curse The Sky
    by Moth Tower
  41. Flames of Tyranny
    by Tyrannus
  42. Perpetual Blackness
    by THE FOG
  43. Chaucerian Legends: The Epic of Beileag, Part III
    by Chaucerian Myth
    by Spectral Voice
  45. Destruição Nuclear
    by Bloody Vengeance