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  2. Punk
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  1. Mechanoize
    by Three Eyed Cat Records
  2. Spicy Noodz & Spicy Tunez - Vol 1
    by The SeaBin Podcast
  3. Planet 9
    by Rose McGowan
  4. Haemorrhaging Light
    by Frances Pylons
  5. Chill Out
    by TinnedFruit
  6. Sad Party
    by TinnedFruit
  7. Longing For The Bonging
    by Bobby Funk
    Povvo Goblin Povvo Goblin
    It's got more balls then an international snooker championship. And cats.
  8. Lap It Up Live!
    by Howlin' Herman & The Dwellers
    Fat Camp Fat Camp
  9. Komboloi
    by Hallouminati
  10. S.P.A.M.
    by Hallouminati
  11. Debut EP
    by Hallouminati
  12. Merchants of the Disorder
    by Hallouminati
  13. Palm Trees EP
    by AP Organism & Outluke
  14. B-Sides The Point
    by Muncie Girls
  15. Tales of a Dead Fish
    by The Freak Fandango Orchestra
  16. Glue
    by Swansong
    Warrior Song Warrior Song
  17. Headstrung / Seaside Resort to Violence
    by Rash Decision
  18. Nothing For Christmas EP
    by Evil Blizzard
  19. Yuletide Bangerz
    by Jonwayne
  20. The Mosaics
    by Moderator