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  1. Shelley's on Zenn-La
    by Oliver Coates
  2. Tim Jackiw - City in the Clouds EP (Vinyl Only)
    by Tim Jackiw
  3. Nadi
    by Fazer
  4. Black Focus
    by Yussef Kamaal
  5. Susumu Yokota - Acid Mt. Fuji (remastered)
    by Midgar Records
  6. Soulless
    by Arctor
  7. aux4415
    by various artists
  8. Convergence
    by Nullptr
  9. Vol.1
    by RWD
  10. Specks Of Dust At The Edge Of Immensity
    by Sk'p
  11. aux4414
    by viewtiful joe & titch thomas
  12. [AF019.1] Summer Diary One EP
    by Rolando Simmons
  13. Myam James Part I (10th Anniversary Edition)
    by Kettel
  14. dode
    by karsten pflum
  15. Bridgeland Part I
    by Rolando Simmons
  16. Bridgeland Part 303
    by Rolando Simmons
  17. Human Touch
    by Rolando Simmons
  18. Rolando Simmons EP
    by Rolando Simmons
  19. Bridgeland Part II
    by Rolando Simmons
  20. qrth-phyl
    by Rolando Simmons
  21. Garden sync
    by Rolando Simmons
  22. Walk on Strawberries
    by Rolando Simmons
  23. Volumes (Collector's Edition)
    by Rolando Simmons
  24. Magic Crystal
    by Rolando Simmons
  25. Yuo're Life
    by Rolando Simmons
  26. Limpid Fear [清澈恐惧]
    by bod [包家巷]
  27. [VA] Sectioned v6.0
    by Various Artists
    by Various Artists
  29. Bazilleon
    by zvλd
  30. Slaphead Faun
    by Karsten Pflum
  31. Yuo're Life
    by Rolando Simmons
  32. Sys486
    by Cignol
  33. The Descent (Chapters I & II)
    by Pact Infernal
    Circle I [Limbo] Circle I [Limbo]
  34. Tools For The Dimensional Step LP
    by 30drop
    They Are Behind It All They Are Behind It All