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  1. Diana
    by June Jones
  2. Down On The Road By The Beach
    by Steve Hiett
  3. Alexandra/ Dying On The Vine
    by RVG
  4. Never
    by Never
  5. Cold Café
    by Karen Marks
  6. Bitch Rising
    by HEXDEBT
  7. Rule Of Four
    by HEXDEBT
  8. Downer Edn
    by Low Life
  9. Silver Drop
    by Gregor
  10. NASHO - S/T LP
    by Nasho
  11. Living In Excellence
    by Constant Mongrel
  12. Sex Tourists
    by Sex Tourists
  13. Waak Waak ga Min Min
    by Waak Waak Djungi
  14. Overworld
    by Art Wilson
  15. Sword Songs
    by Two Steps on the Water
  16. Bitch Rising
    by HEXDEBT
  17. Outlying Self
    by Publique
  18. Bitumen
    by Bitumen
  19. Demo
    by Ubik
  20. DEMO C/S
    by Body Maintenance
  21. Brendan Welch
    by Brendan Welch
  22. First Kiss
    by Pregnancy
  23. Hachiku (self-titled) EP
    by Hachiku
  24. Booga Box
    by Ooga Boogas
  25. SYDNEY DARBS 7" EP 2011
    by Low Life
  26. Majesty
    by Oily Boys
  27. Come Around
    by Doona Waves
  28. Aldous Harding
    by Aldous Harding
  29. Julia / Spring 7" Single
    by Lowtide
  30. Classic Connection
    by Ciggie Witch
  32. EP
    by Dumb Punts
  33. Read on Red
    by Marc Deaz
  34. Stranger
    by Grandstands
  35. Bad Family
  36. Marry Me Tonight
    by HTRK
  37. Wet is Best
    by Wet Lips
  38. Karli White's Childhood Scissors
    by Karli White
  39. The Well-Rounded Clarke and the Himselfs
    by Clarke and the Himselfs
  40. Clarke and the Himselfs II
    by Clarke and the Himselfs
  41. Life/Thrills
    by Lower Plenty
  42. Melbourne, Florida
    by Dick Diver
  43. Dan Kelly & the Alpha Males Sing 'The Tabloid Blues'
    by Dan Kelly
  44. Range Anxiety
    by Twerps
  45. I'm gonna tell everyone we slept together, even if we didn't
    by WOD