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  1. Given The Impossible
    by The Far Meadow
  2. V
    by Brighteye Brison
  3. Every Night Something Happens
    by Lost Crowns
  4. Unsongs
    by Mothertongue
  5. Antenna
    by The Gift
  6. Christmas On the Edge Of Time
    by Pallas
  7. Most Wonderful Time of the Year
    by Mile Marker Zero
  8. All You Wish Yourself
    by Kaprekar's Constant
  9. Peter Gabriel 4 (Security)
    by Peter Gabriel
  10. Capture Light
    by John Holden
  11. Flowers For Ambrosia
    by Autumn Electric
  12. Make Some Noise EP
    by Big Big Train
  13. Gathering The Waters
    by I Am The Manic Whale
  14. To What Strange Place: The Music of the Ottoman-American Diaspora, 1916-30
    by Canary Records
  15. Emperor Norton
    by Emperor Norton
    Act III: Arrow Act III: Arrow
    The guitarist is obviously influenced by Steve Howe. There's even a quote of a little musical riff from Close to the Edge in Empress, which makes me smile. But please don't get the impression that they are some sort of Yes copycat. Not at all. Emperor Norton very much have their own sound. I find that one of the common downfalls for modern prog bands is vocals that can't rise to the level of the music. I am happy to say that that is not the case here. The vocalist has a distinctive sound with tons of power, at times approaching operatic. I'm really looking forward to hearing more from this band.
    by Det Skandaløse Orkester
  17. Foreign Land
    by The Far Meadow
    Mud Mud
    At the moment, "Mud" is my favorite track, but that keeps changing. They're all so good. Keyboards reminiscent of Keith Emerson, vocals reminiscent of Annie Haslam, but The Far Meadow is in no way a copy cat of ELP or Renaissance. They sound retro and modern at the same time somehow.
  18. Everything Beautiful In Time
    by I Am The Manic Whale
    Clock Of The Long Now Clock Of The Long Now
  19. Infernal
    by Phideaux
  20. Courage and other song songs of War and Peace
    by Pallas
  21. Amazingous
    by Cheeto's Magazine
    Outflow Outflow
  22. So
    by Peter Gabriel
  23. Sacred River
    by Pagan Harvest
    The Beast Sits Down The Beast Sits Down
  24. English Electric (part two) hi-resolution audio
    by Big Big Train
  25. Peter Gabriel 2 (Scratch)
    by Peter Gabriel
  26. Merchants of Light
    by Big Big Train
  27. Magnified
    by Beatrix Players
  28. Merry Christmas
    by Big Big Train
  29. Snowfalls
    by Big Big Train
  30. The Difference Machine (2010 re-issue)
    by Big Big Train
  31. London Song
    by Big Big Train
  32. The Second Brightest Star
    by Big Big Train
  33. Grimspound (hi resolution audio)
    by Big Big Train
  34. Far Skies Deep Time (import version)
    by Big Big Train
  35. Folklore (hi-resolution audio)
    by Big Big Train
  36. MESHACH DREAMS BACK (2011) pt iii Three Queens Trilogy, includes 'When We Are A Vampire'
    by Jane Siberry
  37. The Great Big Happy Green Moonface Cassingle
    by Polaris
    Great Big Happy Green Moonface Great Big Happy Green Moonface
    Kind of mind-blowing. Like I've traveled backward in time. LOVE IT!
  38. Boiling Fowls
    by Cheeto's Magazine
  39. The Philadelphia Experiment
    by Frost*