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  1. "Hollow" (NRR50)
    by Bordreuil / Rowden
  2. "A Strange Object Covered With Fur Which Breaks Your Heart" (NRR71)
    by Howard Stelzer
  3. "Cycle" C-96 (NRR20)
    by Radboud Mens
  4. "Grays Ferry" C-20 (NRR11)
    by Gene Pick
  5. "Severed by the Thought of A Thread" (NRR117)
    by Andrew Kirschner
  6. "Zyklon and Leather" (NRR79)
    by FFH
  7. "Improvisations - 2010" C-38 (NRR12)
    by Gagu
  8. "situational plays" (NRR103)
    by nadia//apologist
  9. "s/t" C-24 (NRR09)
    by Network Glass
  10. "Shredded Nerve" (NRR34)
    by Shredded Nerve
  11. "Jim Day 1995" (NRR109)
    by Pool
  12. "Social Capital" (NRR43)
    by Yureka Cash
  13. "Tarry" (NRR83)
    by Spoils & Relics
  14. "The Ambiguity of an Apparently Static Phenomenon" (NRR82)
    by Radboud Mens
  15. "houston" (NRR67)
    by apologist
  16. "Symbol to Be Forgotten" C-23 (NRR17)
    by FFH
  17. "Blackout Suite" (NRR99)
    by Climax Denial
  18. "Flux A and B" (NRR98)
    by Rusalka
  19. "Adult Contemporary" C-40 (NRR30)
    by Vanessa Rossetto
  20. "Elysian Plain" (NRR104)
    by Last Eden