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  1. Flower Garden: A Super Mario EP
    by ETHEReal String Orchestra, Rozen, David Peacock
  2. End Times (from "Outer Wilds")
    by Rozen
  3. Amusement Park (Piano Reflections)
    by Rozen
  4. Outer Wilds (Main Theme)
    by Rozen
  5. Phazon: Metroid Saga (Digital Deluxe Edition)
    by Rozen
  6. Magmoor Caverns
    by Rozen
  7. Arwing Odyssey (Music from "Star Fox 64")
    by Ro Panuganti
  8. Insane In The Rain
    by insaneintherainmusic
  9. Shadows of Hyrule
    by Rozen
  10. Kena: Bridge of Spirits (Original Game Soundtrack)
    by Theophany, I Dewa Putu Berata, Rozen
  11. Metroid Cinematica Recharged
    by Sam Dillard
  12. Jade Order (Original Game Soundtrack)
    by Rozen
  13. Time Once Lost (Remastered)
    by Rozen
  14. Mania Mode
    by DiscoCactus
  15. Ghibli Secret Hideaway
    by Rozen
  16. The Final Battle (Elden Ring)
    by ROZEN + REVEN
  17. Prescription for Sleep: Attack on Titan
  18. Ballads of Hyrule II
    by Rozen
  19. DUALITY (Music from "The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword")
    by David Peacock
    Ghirahim Ghirahim
  20. NieR: Become as Gods
    by ROZEN + REVEN