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  1. Where It's Always Springtime
    by spaceseer
  2. Wanderlore
    by Deep Gnome
  3. Gnomish Delights [split]
    by Deep Gnome & Springbier
  4. A Letter From a Friend [demo]
    by Deep Gnome
  5. A Good Day's Rest
    by Deep Gnome
  6. The Lady from New England [EP]
    by Deep Gnome
  7. Castle in the Clouds
    by Deep Gnome
  8. Threadmage's Curious Encounter with the Fae Folk [split]
    by Assorted Potions & Deep Gnome
  9. Warmest Regards... [demo]
    by Deep Gnome
  10. Evenfall over Eryn Galen
    by Frostgard & Madrigals
  11. Purple Moonlight
    by Eternal x Frostgard
  12. Valaquenta II
    by Frostgard
  13. Tales from Nan Elmoth
    by Frostgard
  14. Valaquenta I
    by Frostgard
  15. The Last Letter of Winter
    by Frostgard
  16. Urulókë
    by Frostgard
  17. Echoes from the Thousand Caves
    by Anadûnê x Frostgard
  18. The Shadow of the Past
    by Ithildin
  19. Arqueano
    by Bakt
  20. The Long Winter
    by Forest Shrine