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  1. Interpolation
    by This Is The Bridge
  2. The Absence Of Sensation
    by This Is The Bridge
  3. My Precious! - A Waves Radio Show Compilation Vol.2
    by Red Maze Records
  4. Infrarouge
    by Minuit Machine
  5. neu & billig (demo)
    by Poor Decisions
  6. Hidden Emotions
    by Marta Raya
  7. Memento Mori
    by Unidentified Man / Chroma Carbon
  8. Touched On The Raw
    by Kriistal Ann
  9. What I Saw
    by Deus Faust
  10. Marionettes
    by mitra mitra
  11. WET038 - CHZWaaR+ZMe+aaL C45
    by Daniel B. Prothèse
    cOma+tOz cOma+tOz
  12. Tango Mangalore - Dear Shore (LP Album)
    by Tango Mangalore
  13. amnesia
    by portion control
  14. The Flood
    by mitra mitra
  15. Ennoea
    by Keluar
  16. Keluar
    by Keluar
  17. Vitreum
    by Keluar
  18. Panguna
    by Keluar
  19. Guardians EP
    by Sora
  20. Matters
    by PERSON:A
  21. First album
    by Gertrud Stein
    Panik Attack Panik Attack
  22. Linea Aspera LP
    by Linea Aspera
    Malarone Malarone
    by L∆ RISSA
    A Man's World A Man's World
  24. 267. V/A - Reflections of the southern moon
    by Werkstatt Recordings
  25. Resurrection Of The Sinner
    by ALVAR
    Knuckle Duster Knuckle Duster
  26. This Fog That Never Ends
    by Hante.
    Dépendance Dépendance
  27. This Fog That Never Ends
    by Hante.
  28. Her Fall And Rise
    by Hante.
  29. Coil
    by Messier 39
    Hiraeth Hiraeth
  30. mitra mitra
    by mitra mitra
    Heat Heat
    by Paradox Obscur
    Drone Drone
  32. Exhibit I
    MITRA MITRA 'Heat' (Oppenheimer MKII Remix) MITRA MITRA 'Heat' (Oppenheimer MKII Remix)
  33. Vólkova - Silent Howl ( Vinyl 12" )
    by Vólkova
  34. Lovely Day (Remastered) / Take One (RadicalG Mix)
    by FRONT 242
    by V/A
  36. 178. KRIISTAL ANN - Delirious Skies
    by Werkstatt Recordings
  37. Live & Destroy
    by Minuit Machine
    Toi et Moi n'Existe Plus Toi et Moi n'Existe Plus
  38. Paradox Obscur
    by Paradox Obscur
  39. Flores Albi Vexilum Album
    by Qvercvs
    Flores Albi Flores Albi
  40. 152. COUNTESS M & DENOVOMUTANS - Claiming the darker corners
    by Werkstatt Recordings
  41. 144. V/A - Metalwave compilation - altars of synthness
    by Werkstatt Recordings
    A SPACE LOVE ADVENTURE - transilvanian hunger [Darkthrone] A SPACE LOVE ADVENTURE - transilvanian hunger [Darkthrone]
  42. 141. ZOLTAN FREITAG feat. KRIISTAL ANN - Back to nowhere
    by Werkstatt Recordings
    no tomorrow no tomorrow
  43. 210. CAPE SIDEREAL - Sigh and hide
    by Werkstatt Recordings
    the pack is back the pack is back
  44. Verboten digital album + 2 bonus tracks
    by Selofan
  45. Newson / 98 Mhz to Extinction
    by JOB KARMA