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  1. Exegesis
    by Tacoma Narrows Bridge Disaster
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    Black Iron Prison Black Iron Prison
    when you want tool and isis hit up TNBD.but they are so much more.its postmetal with industrial tendencies, but still very approachable. grooves for days, look forward to a new release.
  2. Lunar
    by Without Waves
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    Sewing Together The Limbs Sewing Together The Limbs
    another chicago titan.ive only listened to the two prereleased tunes. and i gotta say...fucking gut a good way. rippimng, artful, calculating, techtonic. this album is gonna be huge. i cant wait.
  3. Chrysanthemum
    by Tetrachromat
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    Chrysanthemum Chrysanthemum
    just caught these guys live in Bellingham. super groovy and technical. different timings and tremendous skill. look out for these guys in the future they are gonna kill it.
  4. Shrouded Mountain
    by Maeth
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    Megalyth Megalyth
    crunchy yet creamy at the same time. how do they do it?
  5. The Fall Of Altrusia
    by Sleestak
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    Chapter 6 – The Marshall Prophecy Chapter 6 – The Marshall Prophecy
    sleestak: a band and musical effort based on an obscure tv show. its crushing. poetic, nerdtastic. i love sleestak and everything matt does. in a better world sleestak would be like wild stallions from bill & teds
  6. Path of Eight
    by Mouth of the Architect
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    Drown the Old Drown the Old
    like dante, mouth of the architect take you on a journey. an exploration. going deeper and deeper down the path of life and death and everything beyond. stunning, absolutely stunning! i love the direction this band is taking.
  7. Ego Death
    by Faces of the Bog
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    The Serpent & The Dagger The Serpent & The Dagger
    only half way through listening to this debut and its already album of the year. sludgy, raw, riffalicious, almost tribal in its groove.
    chicago, there must be a portal that leads to a swampy universe of groovy ass malformed aliens.
  8. Black Hole Space Wizard: Part 1
    by Howling Giant
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    Exodus: Earth Exodus: Earth
    FFO the sword and dawnbringer. This shit is all up in my ears. Groovy, summer, space cruising rawk. Spacey and catchy as hell. Not too jammy or corny, just kick ass fun. Diggin the different vocals. Can't wait for part II
  9. 10100II00101
    by Scientist
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    the lighthouse (featuring Anthony Cwan) the lighthouse (featuring Anthony Cwan)
  10. Orogeny
    by Turbid North
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    The Hunter The Hunter
    these cats are from alaska were its minus 40 all year long and polar bears are the number one cause of death. they eat raw meat to survive.tell these boys its the apocalypse and they take it as good news
  11. Eyes Alive
    by Turbid North
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    Black Sun Rising Black Sun Rising
    sludgy, heavy, spacey, stonery.
    all boxes checked. bludgeoning riffs and swampy tripped out voyages. like a grizzly bear that gets you high around a campfire
  12. The Death of All Things
    favorite track 00:00/00:00
    Witches Witches
    i'm a working class lad. work boots, concrete dust, calloused hands. these riffs flow through my blood. its the sound of my soul and im grateful to beastwars for bringing that sound to life. love the album love the music....and holy shit mr. keller, fantastic art!
  13. the lighthouse (featuring Anthony Cwan)
    by Scientist
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    trust me i'm a scientist, or at least i listen to them.
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    by Monster Coyote
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    Capgras Capgras
    Hear that?? thats the sound of my neck breaking as i smash my head to this incredible music. heavy, gritty, raw and, sludgy!! song titles read like edgar allen poe story titles (except maybe i fucked a witch, but you know he wanted to write a story like that) cant stop listening to this. wicked art on this album as well. love it!!
  15. Mystery:Diary
    by Their Dogs Were Astronauts
    favorite track 00:00/00:00
    Earthmover Earthmover
    New release from TDWA. The first track strikes me as chipper. like optimistic djent. its like sunshine beer drinkin tunage. great way to bring on spring. but dont worry there is plenty of face-fucking heaviness that follows. killer albums boys!!
  16. Śūnyatā
    by Vipassi
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    Benzaiten Benzaiten
    dark and heavy. was introduced to these guys by heavy blog is heavy. best site going for new and relevant metal. Vipassi is post-metal instrumental. im a lyrics guy at heart, but these guys say everything without even opening their mouths. great debut. (at least i think its their debut)
  17. Earthkeeper
    by Their Dogs Were Astronauts
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    Earthkeeper Earthkeeper
    TDWA took me by force. i love finding a band that has a killer back catalogue. earthkeeper is catchy, engaging, detailed, layered, smart and catchy and doesnt repeat itself.
  18. Lemanis
    by Spaceslug
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    Proton Lander Proton Lander
    i lived inside a spaceslug like jonah. only instead of being written into the bible, my story was smeared on a napkin HP Lovecraft used while he ate a hotdog. so, theres that.
    some riffage in this reminds me of Sleestak. and i love that.
  19. post-engineered vol.2
    by post-engineering
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    Yesteryear Yesteryear
    why do i love this album?
    it's not an album, its a dumptruck full off riffage and post-metal meanderings. i had to call in sick for the rest of the week just to listen to this once through.
    thanks for this. this is how music should reach a sweet huge ass compilation.
  20. Path of Might
    by Path of Might
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    Boar Cult Blues Boar Cult Blues
    these guys have just the right amount of groove and muddy sludge to touch me where its dirty. dont...stop....dont stop.
  21. Sonnenfracht
    favorite track 00:00/00:00
    Rotor Rotor
    psychedelic, raw, stonery, sludgy, spacey, proggy, groovy, swagger, poetry without words.
  22. Tales from Adrenechrome
    by Adrenechrome
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    God Sized Shadow God Sized Shadow
    some canadian boys here killing it with rayguns and sledge hammers. bought this after first few seconds listen. sometimes you can just tell when all the elements click.
  23. 10100II00101
    by Scientist
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    the lighthouse (featuring Anthony Cwan) the lighthouse (featuring Anthony Cwan)
    its finally out! hey metal blog bologna heads, here's the #1 album for year end lists and you fuckin know it.
    chicago fuck-shit-uppers are at it again. gritty, raw bad assery at its finest.
  24. Cruise Mode
    by Snake Thursday
    favorite track 00:00/00:00
    God's Scythe God's Scythe
    the way the fuzzy guitar distorts, the way the raw groove, the way the jammy fuckin gravel smoke rips and shreds, the see through your soul lyricism. rawk an roal. no jokes folks. here it is
  25. Neck of the Woods
    by Neck of the Woods
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    I Know Where I'll Bury You I Know Where I'll Bury You
    racing, feet pounding, clawing at the earth. trees surrounded. the sound, all over, feel it coming closer breathing heavy, growling gasping succumbing to the forest. laying watching the treetops sway as i slowly bleed out.
    you gotta be careful when wandering in these neck of the woods.
  26. Descent
    by Moanaa
    favorite track 00:00/00:00
    Zero Zero
    hmmmm, very nice.....getting some post-metal on the nose....initial taste i think cult of luna right away, but it mellows with some atmospheric spacey stuff...finishes strong with a layered flavour of face fucking punches....then leaves you with a lullaby
  27. Animations
    by Animations
    favorite track 00:00/00:00
    Lost In Infinity Lost In Infinity
    animations debut album is better than anything youve ever even heard. Nana galaxina, was it you who got this so it ended up on my feed? thank you thank you thank you
  28. Private Ghetto
    by Animations
    favorite track 00:00/00:00
    Wrath Wrath
    when the prog hits, it hits hard. holy shit animations! where to start describing this music. its fast, its sensual, its heavy, its eloquent, its groovy, its mean, its in my head like an earwig laying eggs.
  29. Iter
    by Snake Thursday
    favorite track 00:00/00:00
    Planemos Planemos
    after trodding through a blurry day, i looked to the calender and saw it was snail wednesday, but then my heart started pounding and eyes grew wide cause tomorrow was my favorite day. the best day to be had...snake thursday!! bring on the riffs motherfuckers!
  30. Outsiders
    by Cavern
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    Outsiders Outsiders
    got my carabiner, my grappling hook, got my nylon rope and headlamp. but will it be enough. enough to face the soul-smashing, face-crashing, lung bashing brutality that is CAVERN? excellent layered post-sludgy-metal-proggy-space-noise.
  31. Mozaic
    by Sunset In The 12th House
    favorite track 00:00/00:00
    Desert's Eschaton Desert's Eschaton
    mozaic is apptly named. i feel like im eating a huge cross section of the world as i listen to this insanely gorgeous mix of sound. every listen garners something special and delightful and monstrous. wicked ass shit my friends!
  32. Descent Into The Maelstrom
    by The Matador
    favorite track 00:00/00:00
    Vurt Vurt
    heavy blog is heavy has this feature: if you like, then you might like...
    isis was their starting point, lead me to the matadors.
    austraila and new zealand....holy shit are you guys producing some killer bands.
    the matadors; i already have their song lyrics tattooed on my chest
  33. _
    by Witch Ripper
    featured track 00:00/00:00
    Space Debris Space Debris
  34. The Deal
    by SUMAC
    favorite track 00:00/00:00
    The Deal The Deal
    this is the music ive been waiting for. granted im a biased aaron turner fanboy, however, sumac is everything. i love isis of course, changed the way i listen to music. but, like the artists, the listeners grow as well. and sumac is the next stage in post-sludgy-whatever and it fuckin mauls and maims
  35. Collider EP
    by Collider
    featured track 00:00/00:00
    Tundra Tundra
  36. Burial Dream
    by Sarin
    featured track 00:00/00:00
    As Well as the Body As Well as the Body
  37. The Ape Of God
    featured track 00:00/00:00
    Eden's Gates Eden's Gates
  38. The Ape Of God
    favorite track 00:00/00:00
    A Hideous Nightmare Lies Upon The World A Hideous Nightmare Lies Upon The World
    the new double release from OMG is an event, like mt. vesuvius erupting, like the Chelyabinsk meteor, or Godzilla visiting tolkyo. itll be talked about and studied for years to come. universities will offer doctorate courses on it. listen to it. if you can handle it.
  39. Orbiter
    by Kosmograd
    favorite track 00:00/00:00
    Orbiter Orbiter
    this release was a pleasant surprise. groovy, heavy, eloquent yet fierce.
    they need to tour, come to the west coast boyz!!
    after first listen I might say a bit more heady than their initial release, and I gotta say im fuckin digging it
  40. Wild Wind Blows
    by City of the Lost
    favorite track 00:00/00:00
    Seraphim Seraphim
    thanx groovy penguin for this one. musical poetry. cant get enough
  41. At the Edge
    by City of the Lost
    favorite track 00:00/00:00
    A Coming Storm A Coming Storm
    crawling, scratching, inching toward the nothing. screams layered with pain surround me. I reach ever reaching toward the impossible sound of salvation. one more limping step. the sound...where is it coming from. then the gates open and the music lifts me like wings. I have finally found the city of the lost
  42. Yearwalker
    by Gloson
    favorite track 00:00/00:00
    Årsgång Årsgång
    finally some kick ass, gravelspittin, face fuckin, knucklebustin sludge to satisfy this void. raw and dirty, yet eloquent and precise. the duel harsh vocals are killer. the progression and tempo are groovy yet haunting. fuckin great effort guys!!
  43. Enūma Eliš
    by apoa
    favorite track 00:00/00:00
    Amos Amos
    the enuma elis is an ancient poem, perhaps the oldest piece of literature, that has inspired and influenced many philosophies and religions. this slab of heavy, psychedelia does the name justice and brings forth ancient fire and crushing power. tiamat would bang her head to be sure.
  44. Creatures
    by Terraformer
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    Beast Beast
    like their previous effort, terraformer take a concept and display everything metal and gnarly about it. the sea shaper had literal references to Melville and Lovecraft. this album does much the same except now we're lost in time, midst the creatures of legend, mere fodder for the beast.
    enjoy \m/
  45. The Sea King
    by Husky
    favorite track 00:00/00:00
    Flagship Flagship
    think I found this on emusic way back. loved it then. love it still. post-rock with grit. instrumental with groove. jammy and lysergic at times, yet heavy enough to make your bones ache.