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  1. Procession
    by Unburnt
    Obscure Obscure
    unburnt, i have to say, is the discovery of 2020
    so heavy, so gritty
    the playing is out of sight, i get the feels i do with gojira but also the weightiness of cult of luna
    so good you guys
    and the interludes, audible poetry!!
  2. Flashback
    by Haunt
  3. Æthereal
    by Unburnt
    The Maze The Maze
    imagine cult of luna, old mastodon, and a smattering of alice in chains
    gritty, emotional, progressive
    love the diversified vocals
    the lysergic musicianship
    thanx to Everything is noise
    for the heads up
    by Lacerated Enemy records
  5. Volume II
    by Hyborian
    by Barrens
    Atomos Atomos
    falling, clouds race by
    gravity's maw
    hitting water, cracking like glass
    oxygen lost
    light fades darkness consumes
    pressure crushing bones
    soul, a penumbra to this dying body
  7. Monument
    by DRUIDS
  8. Horrors Waiting In Line
    by Vaisseau
    The Liberator The Liberator
    horror synth fiasco
    john carpenter and metal and scary
    never expected to dig this as much as I do
  9. The Annex of Ire
    by Neck of the Woods
    The Annex of Ire The Annex of Ire
    fierce, raw, death metal, progressive
    the musicianship is unreal
    the guitar work and chages are mind blowing
    the vocalist summons the essence of lovecraftian gods to his abyss of a voise
    this album is a gargantuan, behemoth of a beast
    the artwork is so so good
  10. Unfold the God Man
    The Fall of Consciousness The Fall of Consciousness
    solid album start to finish
    post whatever
    rawk & rool
    hevvy medal
    and signed to pelagic records to top it off!!!
  11. II: Inferius
    by Living Machines
    Genocide Genocide
    comic books and metal and local boys
    sign me up
  12. Mind Freeze
    by Haunt
    Mind Freeze Mind Freeze
    shirt=sleeves cut off
    pants=tight enough to see my balls
    beer=cheap and cold
    hair=shaggy and dirty
    tattoos=strange, nerdy and boss
    food=I'll eat later
    music=new Haunt, loud and rad
  13. Reign Of The Orion
    by Spaceslug
    SpaceRunner SpaceRunner
    there is a soothing, sludgy embrace one feels with spaceslug
    it resembles the falling snow outside and the black murky coffee im sipping
    cascades of simbles and mesmerizing strings
    love it guys!!
    an unexpected must
  14. Absurdum ad Nauseam
    by Cybernetic Witch Cult
    Cromagnonaut Cromagnonaut
    in a barren waste thirsty...need sustenance...something to give me strength...something to make this existence worth while...
    is that new cybernetic witch cult?
    finally something i can ingest and feel alive...
    wait, damn, it ate me!!!
    sounding groovy as fuck
  15. Spirit Compass
    by DRUIDS
    Yeyin Yeyin
    harsh sounds creep
    hands reach grip
    claws that catch (lc)
    scratch detached
    latch like teeth
    chew and spit
    carcass drained rearrange
    play this again
  16. Wings Of The Fallen
    by Ancient Empire
    Born In Fire Born In Fire
    ive come to the ancient empire party a little late, but i love back catalogs
    this is traditional, great riffs, great lyricism, rippin catchy songs
    diggin this right up
    now all i need is a sweet shirt to show my love
  17. Steel Winged Warrior
    by Dream Tröll
  18. Second To None
    by Dream Tröll
    Chrome Skull Viper Chrome Skull Viper
    it's a cold frosty beer
    it's a hand up in the mosh pit
    it's a clean black shirt after a weekend of party
    its a cool hand on your headbanging neck
    it's new dream troll
  19. Times of Obscene Evil and Wild Daring
    by Smoulder
  20. Time Travel Dilemma
    by Spaceslug