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  1. Neon Rain
  2. Midnght Synthwave
    by Synthwave Cafe
    Space shuffle Space shuffle
  3. Metropolis
    by Kalax
    Take Me Back (feat. World Wild) Take Me Back (feat. World Wild)
  4. Horizons
    by Duett
    Principle Principle
  5. 84 Minutes
    by RF Extreme
    Fly By Night Fly By Night
  6. Singles
    by SHE-SAID
    Deadly Pursuit Deadly Pursuit
  7. At Intervals
    by Hello Meteor
    Cloak of Stars Cloak of Stars
  8. Away from the Neon City
    by Miami Sheriff
    Intercept Intercept
  9. Divercity
    by Takahashi Jones
    A Night To Remember A Night To Remember
    With such a dramatic turn around my life experienced from 2015-2016 it was a marvelous moment of serendipity when I truly* stumbled across the synth community. The music and the culture around it really helped me through some exceedingly difficult times, and this album is what I will show others how I survived drastic times.

    Thanks Synthetix Sundays!

    *I've had a passing interest in synthwave and various sub-genres for many years, but actually found the community in late 2012 early 2013.
  10. Synth Love Affair Vol.2
    by Future 80's Records
    LONDON LAZERS - First Crush LONDON LAZERS - First Crush
    A smash follow up to Synth love affair doesn't come close to how delightfully tasty this compalation truly is. Having been listening non-stop these past few days one thing kept coming to me, this is what the soundtrack to what peoples dreams should be like. Rich and diverse with some of the best(and personal favs) of the scene with some new artist to discover and make room for in your hearts and catalogs.

    Big shout out to TJ for the thoughtful gift!