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  1. Welcoming Elegance
    by Varg & AnnaMelina
  2. Gravity
    by OCXONE
    I enjoyed the darkness of Gravity's tone as well as its uplifting pace.
  3. No Nation Nomenclature
    by ıšdavıkaı
  4. Vorticist (SNTS08)
    by Positive Centre
  5. Deleese
    by CA2+
    The swelling changes in the synthesizer along with the minimal rhythm is a powerful combination - beautiful
  6. Before the Ages
    by Undveld
  7. Weapon Hand
    by Matriarchy Roots
  8. Futures EP (SCX02)
    by HØRD
  9. Bonded Labor
    by Restive Plaggona
  10. Cruel Opacity EP (SNTS012)
    by SNTS
  11. Daring Tactics
    by Vile Temper
  12. Emerald Fluorescents
    by Anthony Linell
  13. Particle Void
    by Sphäre Sechs
    Radiation Phase Radiation Phase
    beautiful execution by Sphäre Sechs and great visual artwork to match
  14. Nyarlathotep
    by Cryo Chamber Collaboration
  15. No Spiritual Surrender
    by J.C. & Kastil
  16. Dionysian Rituals - Flesh of Prey / Callimachus
    by Dionysian Rituals
  17. Stratus
    by SVLBRD
  18. Simpatico
    by Tekra
    appears in 1 other collection
  19. Buried on Vanth
    by Red Fog
    Landscape of Grey Sponges and Silent Ships Landscape of Grey Sponges and Silent Ships
    beautiful and eerie dronescapes that easily bring visions of deep space
  20. Nya katedraler
    by Cloistral & Drottning Omma
    untitled untitled
    Two of my favorite artists here: they bring a really enjoyable mix of ambient electronic and techno sounds.