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  1. [ATPN004] Figure1
    by Various Artists
  2. [AF027] E Drive EP
    by Bewwip
  3. Understand.
    by McIntosh Woodruff
    appears in 1 other collection
    by VFO89
  5. untitled
    by VFX
  6. zuidpool
    by VFX
  7. Persistence Module A
    by Lithium Flux
  8. On Safari ep
    by Owsley
  9. Warmwoods
    by EOD
    dog_bits dog_bits
    GO'on! said i wantz the dog bITs!
  10. manufactured
    by p1nkf1re
  11. EQ1
    by Various Artists
  12. ?tape
    by p1nkf1re
  13. anothernonagon
    by anothernonagon
    chrysanthemums chrysanthemums
    feel good album of the century!
  14. Wave shaped Serotonin
    by The Oscilloscope
  15. Houseplants
    by utopia cloak
  16. Photodementia
    by Photodementia
  17. Kris Fox & p1nkf1re
    by Kris Fox & p1nkf1re
    kap kün kap, f1f & kris :D
  18. .data2
    by p1nkf1re
  19. prism
    by VFX
  20. Alone in the Woods
    by McIntosh Woodruff
  21. "Dopamine"
    by RX-101
  22. ????????
    by user 77099097
  23. Deep Solar Dive EP
    by Confreg
    nothing else in our solar system sounds like this.
  24. .data1
    by p1nkf1re
  25. C O L O R S Q U A D 0 5
    by Color Squad & Friends
  26. microtonal nights
    by Greystar
    i've been craving ambience like this for some time now... wonderful feelings associated with this record. thank you, grey one
  27. Utopia Cloak - Marina Garden
    by FILM
    frightfully good record. the kind that scares you into dreaming of a society where peace on earth is the norm, and beauty reigns supreme. cheers, UC
  28. Preverbs
    by Holla Mons
    great compositions, wonderful mix of styles pulled together to make something completely their own. watch out for this band.
  29. [AF018LP] Vital Heat
    by James Shinra
  30. p1nkf1re pt.2
    by p1nkf1re
    "fav track so far is question mark 9" --anonymous
  31. "Blockx" WeMe044
    00002 00002

    this is a pic of me in my 1,000,000 yr old Kenyn superyacht, blastin' MeggaBlockX!! #respect

    see ya in the bermuda triangle, babes! #acquafink
  32. Megalift EP
    by Ceephax
  33. Charismatic Integrity Slam
    by Ceephax Acid Crew
  34. silly silly beats (+extra)
    by p1nkf1re
  35. 3xOsc Series 1
    by p1nkf1re
  36. p1nkf1re pt.1
    by p1nkf1re
    had a similar reaction while listening to this record as this:

    barikala, f1f1!
  37. my compuer
    by p1nkf1re
  38. 04ep
    by p1nkf1re
  39. pinku funk
    by p1nkf1re
    crooked-snippet e1 128 crooked-snippet e1 128
    f1f1 comes clean with this collect. n1ce tones, smooth finish.
  40. Series 2
    by p1nkf1re
  41. pink skeleton
    by p1nkf1re
  42. 96
    by p1nkf1re
  43. bits n cuts
    by p1nkf1re
  44. Haunted Boogie
    by Pink Fink
  45. Perfect Weather For Perfect People
    by 4rd