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  1. Soulgazer
    by Astral Tomb
  2. The Phobos/Deimos Suite
    by Serocs
  3. Tlazcaltiliztli
    by Tzompantli
  4. The Exuviae of Gods - Part I
    by Mournful Congregation
  5. The Boats of The Glen Carrig
    by Ahab
  6. Trolls Vs. Lizards
    by Krotchripper
    A Tale Of Two Caves A Tale Of Two Caves
    Dumb fun brutal dm with an awesome and hilarious theme. It's worth it if you're wanting something more run of the mill but not totally generic.
  7. Scrutiny
    by Beyond The Structure
  8. Fragments of Consciousness
  9. Transhumanism
    by Virial
  10. Death Perception
    by Alter Idem
  11. Moss Contamination
    by Slimelord
    Puddle Dweller Puddle Dweller
    Slimelord got grosser with their second EP and really upped their production. This gets a bit faster than their first EP and continues in the theme of compositional weirdness.
  12. The Delta Death Sirens
    by Slimelord
    Amphibia Amphibia
    Slimelord's debut EP is solid for a death-doom release. It's creeping, dynamic, and weird. If you think this is simple, boring death-doom, you might wanna listen again more closely. There's a lot more going on with the dynamism and effects than you might realize.
  13. Insurmountable Peril
    by Slimelord
    Death on the Bayou Death on the Bayou
    Slimelord is hinting at a really promising musical development with this one. Death on the Bayou is their best song yet, with a serious up in musicianship and production. The weirdness is not only still there, but leaned into. The dynamism has continually improved over each release and I think is the highest attribute of Slimelord's music. I'm really looking forward to seeing what the group has in store for us.
  14. Triptych (Technical/Brutal/Dissonant Death Metal)
    Purifying Flame Purifying Flame
    Wow. Serious contender for 2022 AOTY. Dischordia's Triptych is dissonant proggy technical brutal death metal with orchestral elements sprinkled in. The musicianship (both composition and technique) and production are off the charts with this album. No fluff, this is bulletproof all the way through. The interludes are a welcome respite that add a lot of flavor and theme to the album. No doubt Dischordia is a top tier act right now. This is a must buy.
  15. The Sanguinary Impetus
    by Defeated Sanity
    Propelled Into Sacrilege Propelled Into Sacrilege
    I had no idea there was proggy technical brutal death metal anywhere near this caliber. It's hard to overstate just how well this album succeeds in doing exactly what the band set out to do. You just gotta hear this one out in full.
  16. Until It Shines
    by FLUIDS
    [gloomy music plays] [gloomy music plays]
    This is the most absurd and chaotic shit I've heard in a while. The production is so very well done with the demented vaporwave aesthetic mashed with the mind-numbing brutality of FLUIDS' goregrind. This is easily my go to deathgrind in 2022.
  17. Ziggurat Beyond The Unseen Shroud
    by Thebes
    Pheonix Burning, Golden Age Pheonix Burning, Golden Age
    Absolutely love the melodic element in this album. It's not often I'll listen to an album primarily for the lead guitar, and even less often I enjoy a black metal album, but this one is a rare exception for me. The opening to the final song is just superb, and the return to the same melody near the end of the song feels triumphant. We need more metal like this.
  18. Mutated Chaos
    by Disembodiment
    Mephitic Gunk Of Putrified Limbs Mephitic Gunk Of Putrified Limbs
    Muddy deathgrind with over the top grossness is such a fun time. This album sounds exactly as the cover looks: dark and filthy.
  19. Yawning Depths
    by THORN
    Lapis Lazuli Lapis Lazuli
    THORN continues in evolving his sound and carries much over from his second album, borrowing less from his first. Much of this album blends together, unfortunately, and while the sound is more extreme and brutal, the production sounds almost brickwalled with not much dynamism. The cavernousness of The Encompassing Nothing is gone, which is disappointing because I do think that's THORN's best work so far (and it really is quite good). I'm hoping THORN is able to find surer footing with his sound.
  20. Mokvání V Okovech
    by SNĚŤ
    Sakrofag Sakrofag
    Solid OSDM flecked with doom. Nothing really to complain about here. If you're needing your OSDM fix, this'll do.