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T. Calmez

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  1. Authority Through Intimidation
    by Waking the Cadaver
    Yes! The brutal slam death metal kings are back; now all we need is the rest of your albums on vinyl.
  2. Beyond Cops. Beyond God.
    by Waking the Cadaver
  3. Infinite Death
    by Thy Art Is Murder
  4. Butcher the Weak
    by Devourment
  5. Ultimate Death Revenge
    by Exhumed
  6. Reborn Through Hate EP
    by Osiah
  7. Pornographers of Sound: Live in NYC
    by Pig Destroyer
  8. The Raging Wrath Of The Easter Bunny Demo
    by Mr. Bungle
  9. The Night They Came Home
    by Mr. Bungle
  10. Lay Down and Be Counted EP
    by General Surgery
  11. Luciferous
    by Enterprise Earth
  12. Show No Mercy
    by Slayer
  13. Global Warning
    by To The Grave
  14. Hell Awaits
    by Slayer
  15. Decennium Ruinae
    by Unfathomable Ruination
  16. Aeons of Oblivion
    by Distant
  17. Demonic Electronic
    by Bile
  18. Boiling Humans
    by Embalmed
  19. Children Of The Gun
    by BILE
  20. In Extremis (Death Metal)
    by NECROGOD (Sweden)