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Callum McIntyre

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  1. I Thought You Didn't Even Like Leaving
    by Prince Daddy & The Hyena
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    I Forgot To Take My Meds Today I Forgot To Take My Meds Today
  2. Adult Summers
    by Prince Daddy & The Hyena
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    Adult Summers (PART 1) Adult Summers (PART 1)
  3. best buds
    by Mom Jeans.
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    girl scout cookies girl scout cookies
  4. This Couch is Long & Full of Friendship
    by Tiny Moving Parts
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    Vacation Bible School Vacation Bible School
    One fine ass debut album for a band I've grown to adore within the shortest space of time. This album alone shows how talented and fantastic this band is!
  5. Sprained Ankle
    by Julien Baker
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    Everybody Does Everybody Does
    Found Julien through Audiotree and I fell in love as soon as she started playing Sprained Ankle. This is such an amazing album.
  6. Split 7"
    by Modern Baseball / Thin Lips / The Superweaks
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    The Superweaks - No Sorrow The Superweaks - No Sorrow
    The best three bands to choose for an EP. Each of the tracks are great in itself and all make up for a banger of an Split!
  7. Welcome
    by Slaughter Beach, Dog
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    Toronto Mug II Toronto Mug II
    An album that can easily be left on repeat without skipping a song. So happy this band exists!
  8. Better Heavens
    by the superweaks
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    Junkie's Gone To Heaven Junkie's Gone To Heaven
    Such a great album, can't wait to sing with and see these guys on the MoBo tour!