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  1. A Viagem Das Horas
    by José Mauro
    The follow up to the godlike Obnoxius is soon here,already one of the reissues of the year for me.
  2. Pastel
    by FRITZ
  3. Allons-y
    by April March, Olivia Jean
  4. Angel ft. Deb Never
    by Lava La Rue
  5. Goddess of the Season
    by FM Towns
    Awesome british pop. Put 80 s melancholy,Pet shop boys and a brittish Beach Boys into a blender and you might turn up with this.
  6. Flight
    by Tenant From Zero
    After After
  7. No Better Time
    by Kacey Johansing
    Even a Lot Feels like Nothing Even a Lot Feels like Nothing
    Quite wonderful american pop.Kacey Johansings music checks the same 70s fm dial as groups like Tennis but her new album casts the spell even wider than that. Those in love with the unabashed romanticism that seeps out of albums like Kd Langs "Ingenue" and Prefab Sprouts "Andromeda Heights" will find a lot to warm to here to i believe.
  8. Vega Never Sets
    by Mart Avi
    Shimmering soundscapes from Estonia. Imagine Billy Mackenzie s (The Associates) "Outernational" getting a 2000 revamp with doses of chillwave and laptop electronica sprinkled upon it and you re quite close to this. Most excellent.
  9. Some Small Hope
    by Caroline Polachek & Lauren Auder
    A fine cover version of the R. Sakamoto song from the 80s. Polacheck and Auder strike me as the perfect duet couple and the modern answer to David Sylvian and Virginia Astley
  10. The Piss, The Perfume - EP
    by Hayley Mary
    The Piss, The Perfume The Piss, The Perfume
    She looks like Chrissie Hyndes unknown daughter and writes the most glorious power pop songs i ve heard for ages. Hayley Mary is not only a blast of fresh air in a quite tired genre she is, as you used to say in the golden,old days, a star in the making. To widen the lady s references i could propably put in Cyndi Lauper, Hoodoo Gurus and Motown rytms in there somewhere but that ll do for now. I m in love
  11. Primrose Hill
    by Rachel Love
    Pure magic. Exactly the song this tired planet is in need of right now.
  12. Hobby Jingo
    by Keiron Phelan
    Cinnamon Synthesis Cinnamon Synthesis
    Another batch of irresistible chamberpop folk tunes from mr Phelan. The only real problem this time though is that you d wish it be spring instead so you could blast these uplifting tunes for full with the balcony open and the sunshine flooding in.
  13. Na Zawsze
    by Better Person
    Most likely the best Polish sophistipop ballad of 2020
    appears in 1 other collection
  14. Giants
    by MOTTRON
    Indecent Indecent
  15. The Patron Saint Of Heartache
    by Candy Opera
    Tell Me When The Lights Turn Green Tell Me When The Lights Turn Green
    A class act. Candy Opera show beyond proof why their reapperance on the music scene there in 2018 caused such a fuzz. What easily could have turned into a pale imitation of their youthful selves sounds like a,believe it or not,rejuvinated band ready to take on 2020. And to just throw the usual Prefab Sprout accolades around them this time is a tad unfair to. This is to my ears more like Liverpoolpop with soulpower. A triumph. Don t pass this one.
  16. A New Kind of Fool
    by Gary Corben
  17. Little Songs
    by Joel Henry Little
    1965 1965
  18. Sundial Ceremony
    by AC Church
    Morning Before the Sacrifice Morning Before the Sacrifice
  19. I'll Go My Own Way
  20. No Glory/You Are Your Mother's Isle
    by Lillian's Gish