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  1. My Winter
    by Steve Jansen
  2. The Singing Places
    by Virginia Astley
  3. Domestic Sacraments
    by Ex-Isles
  4. Luxury Mass
    by Ex-Isles
  5. How To Love (Album,2023)
    by Withered Hand
  6. John Douglas (2023)
    by John Douglas
  7. Harp Swells
    by Will Samson
  8. Sounds of Summer Vol. 1
    by Sin Fang, Kjartan Holm, Fischersund
  9. Ljósin kveikt
    by Sin Fang, Kjartan Holm, Fischersund
  10. Lamplighter
    by Tommy Ashby
  11. Half Dreams
    by Sin Fang
  12. Snowbody
    by Sin Fang
  13. Slim Fang (2015-2020)
    by Sin Fang
  14. I Forgot The Colors Of Your Eyes
    by Sin Fang
  15. Sikadene
    by Sin Fang
  16. Labyrinth
    by Heather Woods Broderick
  17. Eidetic
    by Benoît Pioulard
  18. Anyway, Still
    by Exit North
  19. himorogi
    by ironomi
  20. Even Days Dissolve
    by Scott William Urquhart & Constant Follower