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Caleb Bratcher

  1. Tennessee
  2. Metal
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    by Rural Internet
  2. Tangram
    by Material Girl
  3. "things happen, it's ok!"
  5. The Wastes of Time
    by Krallice
  6. An empty bliss beyond this World
    by The Caretaker
    by Golden Living Room
    Cool Water Cool Water
    There's something about Golden Living Room's organic-sounding samples that make them stand out from the rest
  8. Computer Afterlife
    by Infinity Frequencies
  9. A Million Miles Away
    by MACROSS 82-99
  10. Funeral Impressions
    by Frowning
  11. 未来へ
    by t e l e p a t h テレパシー能力者
  12. The Lie Lay Land
    by world's end girlfriend
  13. Back to Reality
    by Abstract Void
  14. "Luciferian Towers"
    by Godspeed You! Black Emperor
    Anthem For No State, Pt. III Anthem For No State, Pt. III
    Probably the most underrated album in GYBE's discography
  15. A Sun-Coloured Shaker
    by yndi halda
    Not only is yndi halda keeping their music from sounding like a clone of other post rock records out there, but they've been shaking it up within their own discography--this feels like what a post rock single should sound like
  16. 7
    by Beach House
    Woo Woo
    7 really feels like a new beginning for Beach House and it's great. Each track still sounds like Beach House in all the ways it needs to, but it's all so fresh! The new direction they're taking their music makes me excited for the future.
  17. MM...Food
    by MF DOOM
    Beef Rap Beef Rap
    This one gets better with age--every track chock-full of samples you won't get anywhere else and lyrical masterpiece. As Bela Lugosi says in the first track, "Here you will find food for your body--as well as comfort for your troubled mind." A true classic.
  18. With Doom We Come
    by Summoning
  19. too little, too late
    by foxwedding
    A gem for trap fans
  20. Dreamland
    by Floating In Space
    Echoes Of Time Echoes Of Time
    Something about this kind of music never seems to get old. Love the way it takes your emotions from one place to another but always slowly, at exactly the rate you want it to.