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  1. Awake
    by Tycho
    Awake Awake
    Somehow Tycho managed to take energetic melodies, rhythms, and drums and create music that maintains its relaxing vibe without losing the emotional aspect of the music
  2. Conqueror
    by jesu
    Brighteyes Brighteyes
    One of the most chilling and beautiful metal records you'll ever hear. The heavy wall of instrumentation provides the perfect contrast to jesu's soft vocals that keep me focused throughout each track.
  3. Dissed And Dismissed
    by Tony Molina
    Nowhere To Go Nowhere To Go
    Every time I finish this album I just wanna play it over again
  4. Weather The Storm
    by Inward Oceans
    Soft Like Wool Soft Like Wool
    Whatever storms, literal or metaphorical, were weathered as inspiration for this record, I feel as if I've experienced them after experiencing this album.
  5. So Close To Life
    by Moonlit Sailor
    Waiting For Nothing Waiting For Nothing
    Moonlit Sailor has effectively perfected and polished their style of post rock. It may be a style that many bands try to imitate, but few bands do it as well as Moonlit Sailor.
  6. The Fall Of Math (deluxe edition)
    by 65daysofstatic
    Aren't We All Running Aren't We All Running
    Post rock? Post metal? Math rock? Experimental electronica? Whatever this gets labeled these days, it's fantastic. 65dos hits that point that so few bands can ever hope to achieve--incredibly unique while at the same maintaining a consistent style. And that style is an incredible sonic experience.
  7. Under Summer
    by yndi halda
    Golden Threads from the Sun Golden Threads from the Sun
    Music like this makes me wish more post rock had vocals
  8. All Is Wild, All Is Silent
    by Balmorhea
    Settler Settler
    This has to be one of the best things I've ever stumbled across. Few instrumental records come close to being as consistently uplifting as this masterpiece, to the point that this is definitely becoming one of my favorite albums of all time.
  9. INSIGHT XVIII (Sheet Music + WAV)
    by Julien Marchal
  10. INSIGHT XIV (Sheet Music + WAV)
    by Julien Marchal
  11. Kode9 - Nothing (HYPLP003)
    by kode9
    Respirator Respirator
  12. Monumental
    by Truth, Lelijveld, Ill Chill, Taso
    Monumental (ft Ill Chill) Monumental (ft Ill Chill)
    I guess there's a reason their label is Deep, Dark and Dangerous. If you want to feel your shirt visibly vibrate to the darkest dub imaginable, Truth is the way to go.
  13. S/T
    by This Patch of Sky
    Prelude Prelude
    Just beautiful. This really is at the same level as a lot of the "best" bands in the scene.
  14. Hädanfärd (Album)
    by Hermóðr
    I stillhet I stillhet
    As soon as the riffs start you know this is gonna be an incredible BM album. Possibly Hermóðr's best, and given his impressive discography that's not a meaningless statement. Emotional, atmospheric, and as gritty as ever.
  15. Context
    by Hotel Neon
    12:41 AM 12:41 AM
    Such a detailed and nuanced ambient album. Every time I listen to it I hear something I didn't before.
  16. Ether EP
    by Rameses B
    Ether Ether
    Ramses B might have gone back to his roots with this EP, but it's a more experienced, more nuanced Ramses B that really highlights the atmosphere that made his older music so inspiring.
  17. Depression Cherry
    by Beach House
    Levitation Levitation
    Beach House just has that dreamy atmosphere that makes listening to this LP a relaxing experience.
  18. Holofon
    by Dorena
    In The House Where I Grew Up In The House Where I Grew Up
    Dorena tells a story with each of these eight songs without rushing or stalling. Whether it be through samples, strings, or the ever-present crescendocore, every track takes the listener someplace new.
  19. Ghost of the cold winds (EP)
    by Hermóðr
    Ghost of the cold winds Ghost of the cold winds
  20. Constellations I.
    by musicformessier
    Pegasus Pegasus
    It's hard to find a good shoegaze LP that uses only guitar, but Constellations manages to not only be an incredible ambient work, but probably musicformessier's best.
  21. We Only Have Forever (Quiet)
    by Lights & Motion
    We Only Have Forever (Quiet) We Only Have Forever (Quiet)
    Not much needs to be said--a reimagining of one of the best tracks on their latest LP that definitely lives up to the quality that Lights & Motion consistently puts out.
  22. Save Your Heart
    by Lights & Motion
    Sparks Sparks
    How one man can produce such vivid music eludes me
  23. I was here for a moment, then I was gone
    by Maybeshewill
    Relative Minors Relative Minors
    It's rare to come across an instrumental album as captivating as this, to the point that each song is so perfect that it's nearly impossible to pick a favorite. The composition is deep enough to provide satisfaction after many listens as the band beautifully transitions between acoustic and electronic elements, between moving piano and riveting metal, between inspiring melodies and structured rhythms.
  24. Drip Mental
    by Fire-Toolz
    Neurofunk and black metal lovers unite! There's something in this album for everyone, but don't assume that it's a mis-matched hodgepodge of noise--this is a carefully constructed collage of both nostalgic and unheard-of samples, catchy beats, and black/doom vocals. It varies from light and airy to headbang-worthy destruction. If you're an afficionado of metal, experimental EDM, or industrial noise, then this is something you need to add to your collection.
  25. Music To Draw To: Satellite - Featuring Emilíana Torrini
    by Kid Koala
    The Observable Universe The Observable Universe
    Incredibly relaxing, perfect for late nights or early mornings. Emiliana Torrini's voice really suits Kid Koala's melodies in this beautiful album.
  26. Until The Cosmos Takes Me Back
    by We All Die! What A Circus!
    From India To Gaza I From India To Gaza I
    How this band slipped under my radar for so long is beyond me. Rafael's guitar work in this album is fantastically varied and gives the listener something a little different that a lot of other post-rock bands can't offer. Droney all the way through, while at the same managing to keep from drowning the listener with the same atmosphere by leaving airy melodies interspersed between the darker ambience of the rest of the album.
  27. drowning gives meaning to breath
    by We All Die! What A Circus!
    Drowning Gives Meaning To Breath Drowning Gives Meaning To Breath
  28. We All Die! What A Circus!
    by We All Die! What A Circus!
    Bluebird Bluebird
    A masterful use of drones and field recordings that set the atmosphere up perfectly throughout the album. Conceptually and harmonically this is the perfect choice for a self-titled full-length that any fan of atmospheric post-rock would be lucky to listen to.
    I'm a certifiable moron
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  30. The Loveliest Landscape
    by Synonyms Of Torment
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  31. Folding Leaves
    by Message To Bears
    Wake Me Wake Me
    The songbird samples really make it
  32. To Meet Is The Beginning Of Parting
    by Aether
    If You Had If You Had
    Simple, smooth, and light, with good sample choices.
  33. Atomic
    by Mogwai
    Are You A Dancer? Are You A Dancer?
    A detailed soundscape that is just plain otherworldly. Atomic is an interesting turn from older Mogwai albums, in a good way.
  34. Fondness
    by No Middle Name
    Saturday Girl Sunday Boy Saturday Girl Sunday Boy
    Great songwriting and enjoyable listening experience. I usually can't make it through entire pop albums in one sitting but it was a breeze with Fondness. Looking forward to more!
  35. A Dream In Static
    by Earthside
    Mob Mentality (feat. Lajon Witherspoon & Moscow Studio Symphony Orchestra) Mob Mentality (feat. Lajon Witherspoon & Moscow Studio Symphony Orchestra)
    The structure of this album is absolutely incredible. You know it's going to be good when you see that an entire orchestra is involved in some of the cuts, and it doesn't disappoint.
  36. TRUTH - Devil's Game EP
    by Truth
    Smoke feat. Animai Smoke feat. Animai
    One of the best dubstep releases of 2016. Truth just can't make bad music at this point.
  37. s/t
    Θmega Θmega
    To release a self-titled album as a debut is a bold move, but I think In Cauda Venenum pulls it off successfully. The movements flow from one to the next smoothly, with clean composition clearly something the band intended when making this album. The name is rather thought-provoking as well, and makes for a good s/t. Also, as a huge sucker for spoken word, I was delighted to find some in Omega that really added to the expression of the piece.
  38. 1991 VG
    by Aethek
    Traveling Stone Traveling Stone
    When Aethek says high tech low freq he means it. A good listen for anyone who enjoys neuroscape types of music.
  39. Near Field: Region 001
    by Renraku
    Enemy Within Enemy Within
    Renraku is on point with their releases. Both tracks feature delicious sound design and structure, looking forward to seeing these artists again on Renraku.
  40. Show Me A Dinosaur
    by Show Me A Dinosaur
    Gone Gone
    Reminds me of deafheaven in some ways but Show Me A Dinosaur definitely has their own style. Both the instrumentation and vocals in this album are great.
  41. Our Youth Our Younger
    by Overhead, The Albatross
    Sometimes it's fun to hear someone else's perspective on life. Also, π.
  42. Crimea
    by We Lost The Sea
    The Vessel The Vessel
  43. Otro
    by Sadness
    Dejar y Seguir Dejar y Seguir
    Sometimes this is the kind of music one needs to hear
  44. Freedom
    by Rameses B
    Memoirs Memoirs
    If you're looking for some chillout DnB, you aren't gonna do much better than this.
  45. Freedom II
    by Rameses B
    A New Start A New Start
    It's nice to get a lot of Rameses B's singles all in one package. My favorite thing about Rameses B tracks is that no matter how many times I hear them, the chosen samples always provide potential for thought. Sometimes I even like when I don't know what the sample is from, since it allows me to imagine it based purely on the music. Rameses B has some serious talent, and is worth your time.