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  1. Electronic
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    by Acryl Madness
  2. Galactic Melt (10th Anniversary Edition)
    by Com Truise
  3. Chapter 2: Endless Nightmare
    by Midnight Danger
  4. Cosmic Hero 3
    by Earmake
  5. Night at the Grindhouse: Part II
    by STRNGR & Destryur
  6. Extending Through Hell
    by Acryl Madness
  7. Void Entropy
    by Acryl Madness
  8. Hyperspace Drifter 2
    by Stilz
  9. Parallels
    by Earmake
  10. Mainframe
    by Waveshaper
  11. 7/11, twenty-four / seven
    by My Sister's Fugazi Shirt
  12. Nautilus III: Recollections of A Translucent Past
    by My Sister's Fugazi Shirt
  13. Electronic-Universe Part. I
  14. Emotion Engine
    by Sferro
    Modular Origami (feat. Mecha Maiko) Modular Origami (feat. Mecha Maiko)
    Album art aesthetics and beats all fit together! Took me but a few scans to say ‘I need!’ This NEEDS a Minidisc release.
  15. 810 (Complete Edition)
    by FIBRE
  16. False Prophecies
    by Desolation Plains
  17. EYE
    by StarLink
  18. Hotel Pools | Still
    by Hotel Pools
  19. Cosmic Hero EP
    by Earmake
  20. Culte De La Machine
    by HUBRID & The Racers Feat. Hunter Norton