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  1. Holding On / Letting Go
    by Sophia
  2. Pale Spectres
    by Pale Spectres
  3. As We Make Our Way (The Live Recordings)
    by Sophia
  4. The Age Of Immunology
    by Vanishing Twin
  5. Brace The Wave
    by Lou Barlow
    Moving Moving
    Great album from an awesome artist. It will not let you down. :-)
  6. The Wild Grips
    by Kristin McClement
    No End To The Drum No End To The Drum
    What a great album! Just returned on bandcamp for this one. The CD, signed and with a kind handwritten note, arrived within 7 days from UK.. She's nice, kind and she really cares.... buy it. It counts!
  7. Methodist Girls
    by Nathan K.
    Paulding Light Paulding Light
    A beautiful album. You must have it! A lot of very very good music. And Nathan is a great and kind man.
  8. Prairie du Chien
    by Paul Otteson & Faux Fawn
    The Battle of Prairie du Chien The Battle of Prairie du Chien
    Just delivered (10th of december). I really thanks Paul for his generosity and his kindness. And the music is amazing: you can easily hear it yourselves! Life would be worse without this astonishing album with its beautiful words and awesome music.
    It is still playing in my studio right now, when I'm writing down these few words, my friends.
  9. Skeptic Goodbye
    by You Won't
    Who Knew Who Knew
  10. Wooden Castles
    by Dave Gerard & the Watchmen
    Cureless Love Cureless Love
    The first best album on bandcamp (01/01/2012-03/2014). The greatest album from Gerard and The Watchmen.
  11. Right Behind You
    by The Human Zoo
    Formaldehyde Formaldehyde
    Buy it. Astonishing! Just listen.
  12. Growth And Squalor
    by Accents
    The Fog The Fog
    Only in mp3. No CD. It's a shame. Shame on you Deel Elm Records: idiots! Only a bunch of fools.
  13. holy cross [ep]
    by Fog Lake
    despondency despondency
    A great gift from Odradek. We follow each others :-) As all the others on Bandcamp we love music. My best wishes to all of you.
  14. The Wars at Home
    by Carbon Tigers
  15. Show Your Love
    by Matt Hectorne
    Ease My Mind Ease My Mind
    A great album, I really enjoy it.
    Thanks to James Green. I listen this beautiful album from his collection.
    I'd appreciate if James Green send me his twitter address. Long shot, I guess...

    Arrived! Thans to Matt
  16. The Secret Languages
    by Drew Smith
    Frozen Still Frozen Still
    Gift from Nick Green. Thank you Nick! I'm looking for you.... ^__^ James?
    Please Nick Green: could you write me a line?
    I never received a mail: I don't who are you. Please write me!!!


    Many thanks!
  17. The Double EP: A Sea Of Split Peas
    by courtney barnett
    Avant Gardener Avant Gardener
    Porcelain and Avant Gardener are masterpieces. The other tracks are all close to this level. Courtney Barnett has a huge gift for music writing and singing. Ignore this truth at your own risk.
    Edit: I was wrong, this two Ep are both incredibly awesome. An astonishing patchwork masterpiece of every time music since King Crimson' In the court of etc.
  18. The Magic Empire
    by Uniform Motion
    Crowns and Wishes Crowns and Wishes
    I have got two copies, just bought to support the band as you should do, if you can (one of TME and one of One frame for second: feel free to contact me if you are interested into and you are in Europe [I cannot send them for free and US shipping rates are too high, so you will simply refund a low shipping rate 5 -Andy said from France- and don't call me greed, 'cause I'm not: the CDs are for free new physical copies!
  19. Intersections
    by Into It. Over It
  20. West Coast Christmas EP Collection
    by Said The Whale