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  1. la Bruja y Sus Plantas Sagradas
    by Caalamus
    the Art of Going Blind ( Eye Fungus ) the Art of Going Blind ( Eye Fungus )
    This is my 1st Full Length album! All 18 tracks of it!

    It's a milestone on a number of levels. Writingwise, Engineeringwise, Themewise... and most of all in the "followthrough" department!

    I've learned a LOT in the year & 2 months since I released it... & the 2nd, which is slated for releases on the Autumnal Equinox... will be WORLDS better! But this one holds a special place in my heart!

    Give it a spin :]
  2. MooseTeeth
    by BunnyTeeth & Caalamus
    2) "Regarding that One Time Moose was Pseudo-Lobotomized by a Miniature Robot, Hiding in a Box of Breakfast Cereal..." 2) "Regarding that One Time Moose was Pseudo-Lobotomized by a Miniature Robot, Hiding in a Box of Breakfast Cereal..."

    ...I present to you the collaborative efforts of myself & a very talented Guitarist from the Twin Cities.

    I had a great time working on this! My favorite collaborative project to date!

    Have a listen :]
  3. Concentric
    by BornBlue ( Caalamus )
    "Annabelle" by Gillian Welch "Annabelle" by Gillian Welch
    Here it is!

    ...a long time in the making but I finally finished it.

    This is my Singer/Songwriter side project under the moniker "BornBlue".

    Acoustic Guitar, Live Percussion... & I even try to sing :P ( you've been warned! )

    Give it a spin... you may like it :]
  4. Quiet, Down, Alone... (+3 alternate ver.)
    by BornBlue ( Caalamus ) & Friends
    Quiet, Down, Alone... ( Oorlab's Lonesome Ramble Along the Rhine ) Quiet, Down, Alone... ( Oorlab's Lonesome Ramble Along the Rhine )
    Here's the 2nd single from my forthcoming Vocal oriented album "Concentric".

    It features my stripped down album version, as well as three unique and soulful interpretations by very talented friends of mine.

    "Concentric" should be ready by January 1st√
  5. WickerMan (+3 remixes)
    by BornBlue (Caalamus) & Friends
    WickerMan (Galen Wade's Remix) WickerMan (Galen Wade's Remix)
    This is the 1st single off my unreleased Singer/Songwriter project. There'll probably be one more & then I'll release the full 12 tracks on January 1st. I'm calling it "Concentric"√
  6. Nocturne's Folly
    by Aaron Sause
  7. Balcony Sleepover
    by KNIV
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  8. Highly Questionable Strings
    by Mayor of Donutville
    Cottontail Cottontail
    Lot's of great interplay between the Guitar Lines & the Rhythm :]
  9. To The Centre Of The Jungle
    by Radioactive Watermelon
    Perception Perception
    Old School SoundCloud Crew done good✔

    Congratulations Melon!

    ( That "Transcend" VIP is dope also! )
  10. Remnants from the Lab
    by Indigolab
    Self Esteem is Pointless Self Esteem is Pointless
    The Lab will never die :]
  11. Granda's last trip ●
    by tunedin52
    Something I've always loved about Mr. Daly's work... is his keen ability to exploit the weight & effect of natural, reverberant spaces... even if by only mentioning it during the lull between two peaks in a wave... This piece is a particularly detailed study in the above mentioned.

    Are you Tuned In?
  12. Subtle Imperfections
    by Dead Melodies
  13. substituted happiness
    by VulpineSmile
  14. Here/There
    by Monotronaut
  15. Zara's Field
    by ReapTheWhirlwind
  16. Sticky Notes
    by Titanium50
  17. Thoughts and Transmissions
    by Navillus
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  18. Formats
    by Discography
    There isn't sufficient space for me to answer the question "why do you love this album?" !!! Let's just say... it's been as much a tool for self education as it has been a place to relax & enjoy the fact that I have ears! You better hurry up & drop "Chiming" ...or you might have an uninvited, grumpy guest arriving at Changi!!!

    Tom Juno!
  19. Hollow Knight (Original Soundtrack)
    by Christopher Larkin
  20. Phlogiston Turbine Music
    by DRUST IV