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  1. MooseTeeth
    by BunnyTeeth & Caalamus
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    2) "Regarding that One Time Moose was Pseudo-Lobotomized by a Miniature Robot, Hiding in a Box of Breakfast Cereal..." 2) "Regarding that One Time Moose was Pseudo-Lobotomized by a Miniature Robot, Hiding in a Box of Breakfast Cereal..."

    ...I present to you the collaborative efforts of myself & a very talented Guitarist from the Twin Cities.

    I had a great time working on this! My favorite collaborative project to date!

    Have a listen :]
  2. Eajupotasunghe
    by Bunnyteeth
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    Honey Honey
    I'll be honest with you... I don't know how to pronounce it, but "Eajupotasunghe" sure does soothe the ear & intrigue the mind!

    Bunnyteeth is a rather clever critter!

    In fact, he & I just released this:

    ...if'n yer insterpated :]
  3. la Bruja y Sus Plantas Sagradas
    by Caalamus
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    the Art of Going Blind ( Eye Fungus ) the Art of Going Blind ( Eye Fungus )
    This is my 1st Full Length album! All 18 tracks of it!

    It's a milestone on a number of levels. Writingwise, Engineeringwise, Themewise... and most of all in the "followthrough" department!

    I've learned a LOT in the year & 2 months since I released it... & the 2nd, which is slated for releases on the Autumnal Equinox... will be WORLDS better! But this one holds a special place in my heart!

    Give it a spin :]
  4. Concentric
    by BornBlue ( Caalamus )
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    "Annabelle" by Gillian Welch "Annabelle" by Gillian Welch
    Here it is!

    ...a long time in the making but I finally finished it.

    This is my Singer/Songwriter side project under the moniker "BornBlue".

    Acoustic Guitar, Live Percussion... & I even try to sing :P ( you've been warned! )

    Give it a spin... you may like it :]
  5. Quiet, Down, Alone... (+3 alternate ver.)
    by BornBlue ( Caalamus ) & Friends
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    Quiet, Down, Alone... ( Oorlab's Lonesome Ramble Along the Rhine ) Quiet, Down, Alone... ( Oorlab's Lonesome Ramble Along the Rhine )
    Here's the 2nd single from my forthcoming Vocal oriented album "Concentric".

    It features my stripped down album version, as well as three unique and soulful interpretations by very talented friends of mine.

    "Concentric" should be ready by January 1st√
  6. WickerMan (+3 remixes)
    by BornBlue (Caalamus) & Friends
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    WickerMan (Galen Wade's Remix) WickerMan (Galen Wade's Remix)
    This is the 1st single off my unreleased Singer/Songwriter project. There'll probably be one more & then I'll release the full 12 tracks on January 1st. I'm calling it "Concentric"√
  7. Subtle Imperfections
    by Dead Melodies
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    Lakes Lakes
  8. substituted happiness
    by VulpineSmile
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    chewing on butterflies (OSF edit) chewing on butterflies (OSF edit)
  9. Here/There
    by Monotronaut
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    The Disconnect The Disconnect
  10. Juxtapparition
    by Understated Theory
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    Apparition Apparition
  11. Noisy-Pants!
    by Mayor of Donutville
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    Laser vision Laser vision

    •It's really nice to hear "Particulate Dog Haze" on it's own.

    •There's so much material here that I don't think I'm familiar with. Seems not to have made it to SoundCloud. Bonus√

    •That Frowsy LFO still gets me!

    •Corduroy for the win! :]

    • P.S. I have, indeed... decided to be a Beard!

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  12. Lucille EP
    by atOlla
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    Arctic Gazing Arctic Gazing
  13. A Collection of Demonstrations and Demons
    by The Long Wives
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    Break You In Break You In
  14. Constructions for acoustic guitar and software
    by Tuonela
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    Fantasy for acoustic guitar and software No 1 Fantasy for acoustic guitar and software No 1
    The "Fantasy for acoustic guitar and software" pieces are phenomenal! :]
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  15. Memory Is A Strange Bell
    by Melissa Laveaux
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    Postman Postman
    If you haven't seen it yet... dig around the YouTubes for the Video to "Postman"!!! The Choreography & concept are a genius additional layer, richly complimenting this amazing Sonic Treatise. Rock the fuck out Mme. Laveaux :]
  16. Slowwave Perception
    by Dead Melodies
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    Slowwave Perception Slowwave Perception

    •Oh Slowwave of Perception!

    • The reverberant happenings
    •there on the far reaching edges

    •of the Stereo Field Horizon!

    • ...& almost behind my ears!
    •Like some low slung Halo
    •Multitude of Sonic Sunrises.

    • Instead of traversing the Harmonious, melting Sky, they •have decided to travel around their own little Möbius •strips in my consciousness!

    • I most graciously abide :]

  17. Soundings in Fathoms
    by Brumes
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    snow snow
  18. Trabajo & Madrugapha: Split Tape
    by Trabajo
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    Mad at Lovely Mad at Lovely
  19. Night on Elba
    by Pansy Moon
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    Esca Esca
  20. Ayapaneco EP
    by atOlla
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    Silence Silence
    Terminal Artcrush on this duo...


    Normally I'm a grump & I consider this sort of correspondence spam :P But I don't feel that way when such a notification originates with our dusky, silken & mysterious atOlla! Oh no, never ... •swoon• )

    'nuff said!
  21. Have This Music and Typeface and Story
    by Mayor of Donutville
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    Passage of Time Passage of Time
  22. Zara's Field
    by ReapTheWhirlwind
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    Alien Stash Abduction Alien Stash Abduction
  23. Ekiti Son/Jehn Cerron - Last Train (CaalamusMissedThe#48)
    by Office Ekiti
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    Ekiti Son/Jehn Cerron - Last Train Album Mix Ekiti Son/Jehn Cerron - Last Train Album Mix
    This was a cool opportunity√

    I love Jehn's voice & Ekiti Son's ability to add JUST enough to a track without going too far. the year's pass by :]
  24. Patience of a Stain
    by VulpineSmile
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    the difference between dreaming & death the difference between dreaming & death
  25. Sticky Notes
    by Titanium50
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    Crawling Ghosts Crawling Ghosts
  26. Omicron
    by Orion Rigel Dommisse
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    Take Her Away Take Her Away
    I found Orion Rigel Dommisse on SoundCloud, picked up a couple of her older releases ( including a live recording which, seemingly is no longer available? ) ...& I have to say, her work's grown considerably in this short time! It's wonderful to hear these new tunes & evolved versions of familiar, older titles. The production values are wicked, pun intended... & her unique sensibility for Progression & Voicing has endured. Glad be to in possession of... or rather to be possessed by Omicron.
  27. Dinner Music for Weirdos
    by Mayor of Donutville
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    Tennessee You Later Tennessee You Later
    Man, you guys are too humble! Serious quality Music like this could easily walk around, nose in the air... demanding ten bucks. I salute yous... doing it for the love & it shows! Rock out!
  28. Thoughts and Transmissions
    by Navillus
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    Glacier Glacier
  29. Canary Records 5 Year Anniversary Compilation
    by Canary Records
    featured track 00:00/00:00
    Basant khyal: Ab Maine Man Dekheri Basant khyal: Ab Maine Man Dekheri
  30. Nocturne's Folly
    by Aaron Sause
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    sleepin town sleepin town
  31. Ophelia EP
    by atOlla
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    Ophelia Ophelia
    I would really like to read the Lyric for "Ophelia" :]
  32. Tales from urban
    by Zenjungle & Tunedin52
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    I saw some ghosts in the city I saw some ghosts in the city
  33. Arts & Tourism
    by John Daly
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    Public discussion Public discussion
    The review had me ready to buy before I even pressed play!

    Listening & quite enjoying the almost Arabesque quality to this whine through the 8:38 region of "Public discussion", cemented by an rather Hornlike backwardsness√

    ...then it's REAL quiet... starts raining... enter the Spiders!

    Finally the clouds get bored trying to drown us, but decide to stick around... occasionally sighing out rumbling, thunderously apathetic gusts ( 9:39 ). BandCamp won't let me say anymore :P I like this :]
  34. circles.
    by antitune
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    circles // intro circles // intro
  35. Unknown Rooms: A Collection Of Acoustic Songs
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    Flatlands Flatlands
  36. Whisper & Holler
    by Steph Casey
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    Probably Probably
    It's cool... Ms Casey is sort of the internet equivalent of friend from school :] I've been chatting with her intermittently on SoundCloud for a few years... I remember how excited she was to start setting up her home studio√ This is like going away to a different Jr. High & coming back for her graduation. Good people :] Glad to see you succeeding!

    Understated, sweet & free... "an exquisite thievery"!!!
  37. Formats
    by Discography
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    Zip Zip
    There isn't sufficient space for me to answer the question "why do you love this album?" !!! Let's just say... it's been as much a tool for self education as it has been a place to relax & enjoy the fact that I have ears! You better hurry up & drop "Chiming" ...or you might have an uninvited, grumpy guest arriving at Changi!!!

    Tom Juno!
  38. Circles
    by Zenjungle
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    Circles I Circles I
  39. Chickens
    by Orion Rigel Dommisse
    featured track 00:00/00:00
    Squirrels Squirrels
  40. a lone cloudburst
    by sink \ sink
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    cherished cherished
    Two of my earliest SoundCloud friends appear on this album... OhSoWhy from Stockholm & Monotronaut from Canada/NY/PDX.

    As if that weren't enough... sink\sink has done a MASTERFUL job of wrangling other talent & accomplished no small feat of songsmithery in the lead/curatorial roll!!! Give it a listen :]

    I went out of my way to buy this on BC, even though I own the tape... which came with a download... just so I could support it in my collection!

    Well worth it√
  41. Installations EP
    by Monotronaut
    featured track 00:00/00:00
    A Coastal Morning A Coastal Morning
  42. The Last Cartographer of Dreams
    by Indigolab
    featured track 00:00/00:00
    Zed Zed
  43. Granda's last trip ●
    by tunedin52
    track 00:00/00:00
    Something I've always loved about Mr. Daly's work... is his keen ability to exploit the weight & effect of natural, reverberant spaces... even if by only mentioning it during the lull between two peaks in a wave... This piece is a particularly detailed study in the above mentioned.

    Are you Tuned In?
  44. Silver Linings
    by The Sandman's Orchestra
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    Hello Stranger Hello Stranger
    Somewhere, teetering between ghost & shadow... glazed in Honey & not quite sad... trust me pure argent!
  45. i Am Halo
    by i Am Halo
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    Little Planet Little Planet