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  1. Bologna, Italy
  2. Experimental
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  1. Animal Liberation - Until Every Cage Is Empty (CSR314CD)
    by Merzbow
  2. Erratic (1996) digital remaster
  3. Investigations Into Flesh Microchip Repair
    by CIA Debutante
  4. Chime Vortex
    by Crawl Unit
  5. Blue Studies (For Tom Smith)
    by Aaron Dilloway
  6. As Loud As Possible
    by Incapacitants
  7. Look Alive EP
    by Nape Neck
  8. '96
    by Mista Sick
  9. Apropos Of Nothing
    by HARE
  10. Fashionably Late For The Apocalypse
    by L$D Fundraiser
  11. Amplified falling snow, oscillators, tape Recorders and various electric interferences
    by Francisco Meirino
  12. Live At Gangeviertel
    by Dieter Muh
  13. Live In New York
    by Center
  14. From a Soundtrack to the 'Anabase' of St-John Perse
    by A Handful of Dust
  15. Monadology (Revisited)
    by A Handful of Dust
  16. Cervorum Simulacra
    by Small Cruel Party
  17. Warthog
    by Warthog
  18. Every town is a graveyard
    by Sect mark / Oväsen frontera kollaps
  19. Hoof Stand
    by Primorje
  20. cicada trance
    by dave phillips