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  1. Epic
    by Arpitect
    Krulos Krulos
    Title of album says it all. Epic.
    If you like Dynatron then this is for you. This is seriously amazing. Production is amazing. Song structure is amazing. Tempo's are amazing. Atmosphere is amazing.

    Cannot wait to see more from this artist. Get this in your playlist now or regret it forever.

    Oh... and there is a Transformers cartoon (i think) sample in there as well which pushes this to that epic level for sure.

    I'm having a lot of trouble explaining how good this is... get it.
  2. Dusk Incarnate
    by Elay Arson
  3. H O L Y W R A T H
    by Dav Dralleon
    V A U L T O V D O O M V A U L T O V D O O M
    Darksynth at its absolute finest. Been waiting for a long time for this release and it does not disappoint. Purely amazing chord and key changes that conjure the demons from within. Masterwork.

    Edit: After non-stop repeat playing... this is my album of the year.
  4. Survival Instinct
    by Morning Again
    Reinventor Reinventor
    If you ever liked nineties hardcore, or the seemingly endless amount of bands that jock that style without paying homage or respect to the forerunners, you need this album in your life.

    Morning Again does it right. Heavy breakdowns, thrash laden hooks and layered dissonant guitars that make us old guys want to flip over our office desks and “open this pit up” right on James from Accounting’s face.

    Skip coffee and get this instead. This is the soundtrack to you taking your life back. Fuck... this is good.

    Also... one of the MOST underrated bands from the nineties. Glad these guys are back!!!
  5. Heart Wired, Part I (Original Soundtrack)
    by Volkor X
    The Mars Seven The Mars Seven
    Volkor-X may come off as the Overlord of the galaxy, but make no mistake, he has a genuine sensitive side. These compositions are thick with mood and emotion in a way few composers are able to capture. Volkor-X should be scoring major motion pictures. Move over Hans Zimmer.
  6. Autoviolator
    by Neoslave
    Solace Solace
    You have already lost. If you want to win, you must stop reading, start listening, and buy this album.
  7. Suncore
    by Niky Nine
    Deadchrome Deadchrome
    I have been rocking Ozuwara Theme, The Road Pt 2 and Exhausted Divinity for years and have waited patiently for a full length. This is it. This is the moment we have been waiting for. Its time for Ozuwara to rise.