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  1. Thanatos Comes Alive! — Part 1 (the 90s)
    by Thanatos
  2. Going to the Theatre (20th Anniversary Edition)
    by Audra
  3. Ténèbres, prenez-moi la main
    by Artesia
  4. A Chaos of Desire (2022 Remaster)
    by Black Tape For A Blue Girl
  5. Kveikur (Bundle)
    by Sigur Rós
  6. The Black Rose
    by Black Angel
  7. From The Ashes - Volume II
    by Rajna
  8. Iterum
    by Dark Sanctuary
  9. Iterum
    by Dark Sanctuary
  10. East of the Stars
    by EDEN
  11. The Edge of Winter
    by EDEN
    by EDEN: Sean Bowley
    by EDEN (Australian Band)
  14. Love Will Tear Us Apart
    by Joy Division
  15. Rarities
    by Corpus Delicti
  16. The Basement Tape (1982)
    by In The Nursery
  17. Psalter Lane 25.06.81
    by In The Nursery
  18. Anatomy Of A Poet [extended edition 2021]
    by In The Nursery
  19. Prince of Darkness
    by Black Angel
  20. Kiss of Death
    by Black Angel