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  1. Of Serpents
    by FOUL
  2. Black Nuclear Magick Attack
    by Cult of Extinction
  4. Woudloper
    by Verwoed
  5. Kathodos
    by Serpent Column
  6. Skáphe³
    by Skáphe
    Skáphe is one of the few black metal groups that has found success blending genuinely psychedelic elements into their music, a method that Alex Poole seems to have perfected. Their last effort with Wormlust was triumphantly nightmarish, labyrinthine and rewarded close listening--I'm sure this is no different, and I can't wait to swan dive into the maw of this new yawning abyss.
    by Silver Knife
  8. Flesh Megalith
    by Flesh Megalith
  10. The Key to the Shrine of Putrefaction
    by Arvalastra
    The Crystal Vessel The Crystal Vessel
    If Pa Vesh En and OM jammed together, this might be close to the result. Combing trance-like, hypnotic bass lines with thick, black crypt-atmospherics, Arvalastra has found a perfect niche. Kraut-black?
    by SATURNO
  12. Possessed Templars (Demo)
    by Μνήμα
  13. The Fires of Calcination
    by Consummation
    If you liked "The Great Solar Hunter," you can't go wrong with this. More fierce, cold-eyed and sleek black metal with an unwavering commitment to destroy everything in its path.
  14. Echoes of Terror
    by Disembowel
    Sadistic Pleasure Sadistic Pleasure
    It's filthier than a gas station bathroom, with riffs as explosive and putrid as a freshly lanced boil. It's also one of my favorite death metal albums of the year, and I am very glad that this finally got pressed on wax. I'll take one in piss yellow.
  15. Demo I&II (Compilation)
  16. Critical Amnesia
    by Critical Amnesia
    xpq? always delivers the goods
  17. Vad Är Inte Sju Huvud?
    by Reverorum ib Malacht
    Combining the subtle production trickery of modern ambient with the gloom, terror, and supernatural power of black metal, Reverorum ib Malacht have created a subgenre almost all their own--ambient black metal. Although there are a few other acts that sort of fit the bill (Pa Vesh En comes immediately to mind), no one sounds exactly like the good Reverorum. Terrifyingly good.
  18. Mortal
    by Necrot
  19. Anthropophagy
    by Ancient Hostility
    Gran Dolina Gran Dolina
    It's been a while since I've heard something so fresh and new in black metal--this is by far one of the most interesting EPs that I've heard all year. Whoever is responsible for the bass work on this is a genius.
  20. Ancient Hostility
    by Ancient Hostility