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  1. Desired
    by Desired
  2. sport!
    by Louie Zong
  3. Slice
    by Elephants Gerald
    by Various Artists
  5. Production Music Bundle - 100 NO COPYRIGHT, Royalty Free Jazz, Funk, Ambient, and Classical Music Pieces
    by Debussy & Co
  6. Being Funny In A Foreign Language
    by The 1975
  7. The Good Doctor
    by The Protomen
  8. The Moon
    by The Secret Chord
    Perfect faux80s Bubblegum pop with super dark implications on retroactive analysis that the song in no way acknowledges. It stands as a perfectly adequate era appropriate radio single, but the astronomy/love ballad double entendres and the hidden 'bite' to the lyrics push it above and beyond.
  9. Pure Style (Piano)
    by Debussy & Co
  10. Unexpected Way (Piano)
    by Debussy & Co
  11. Light Up The Night
    by The Protomen
  12. The Fall
    by The Protomen
  13. East Asheville Hardware
    by David Wilcox
  14. like i used to be
    by Troubled Minds
    A return to the late 90s punk scene, when there was plenty to be upset about but artists didn't have a global war to focus on yet, so we had heartfelt personal grunge ballads of every type. In this recording Troubled Minds channels the sound of the more structured Tsunami Bomb tracks (with a dash of Dookie-era Green Day) while retaining their own style.

    Good stuff! I wouldn't be surprised to find this in the middle of an old Springman Records sampler CD, or blowing up on Torrent. Timeless.
  15. Nuclear Power Pants
    by The Various Artists
    Chiptune? Check. Funk? Check. Dogs barking in rhythm over a skaesque backing track? Check. Oompa? Sure! Sinister Kazoo Orchestra? Naturally. 80s Bubblegum Date Montage Movie Track? Of course!

    There's such an amazing range of styles at play in this album, with so many songs, crafted under such short time constraints, that there should be some stinkers. There aren't.
  16. Shattered Bones [Instrumental]
    by VH x RR
  17. Shattered Bones
    by VH x RR
  18. 5678 (Xtended Remix) - Steps
    by Xtended
  19. Reprise II (40 minutes long form version)
    by Pallette
    appears in 1 other collection
  20. Paradise (EP)
    by A-Reis
    It's the soundtrack to the lost Cowboy Bebop episode. It's Lady Love Dies does 1950s New York. It's noticing the almondy finish on the chambourcin you're sharing with the attractive foreigner (who you couldn't quite place until just now but who reminds you of your wetwork in Rhodesia), and smiling back at her anyway because the diamonds are already safely in post.

    Smooth, stiring, with just the faintest of undertones suggesting imminent, passionate, conclusive action. Beautiful stuff.