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  1. Forteresse & Maléfices
    by Artuan de Lierrée
  2. Dark Majesty
    by Kal-El
  3. Songs From The Deepwater
    by Stone From The Sky
    49.3 Nuances De Fuzz 49.3 Nuances De Fuzz
    Always hungry for some nice instrumental stoner. This one is not to miss. Heavy af.
  4. Awareness
    by olneya
  5. Wurmloch
    by The Kettle
    Bends Bends
    Fantastic psych doom. Bends is out of this world.
  7. Folklore, Myths and Legends of The Brothers Keg
    by The Brothers Keg
  8. The Cantos
    by Little Jimi
    Last Cantos XXIV Last Cantos XXIV
    Chill heavy blues that is great for multiple listen. Very cool album.
  9. Echoes At The End Of The World
  10. Remember Last Summer Vinyl 2nd Edition
    by NxxxxxS
  11. Tides
    by Nomadic Rituals
  12. Midnight Madness
    by Moderator
    Guilty As Charged Guilty As Charged
    Moderator is an insane groove machine that produce classic tracks nonstop. I am addicted.
  13. Blunted Breaks Vol.2 (LORELP03)
    by Various Artists
    God Is A Woman God Is A Woman
    Amazing bag of tracks. If you came after the great first batch, you will be glad to hear that the quality has not dropped. Carefully crafted atmosphere with some nice hihlights.
  14. Sabbat Matters
    by Gloria
    Global Warning Global Warning
    Come and experience the warm, the joy, the simple pleasure of forgetting the times and connect with your inner hippie. Good vibes !
  15. Wall
    by Wall
  16. Sand ≈ Return
    by King Bong
  17. Domonautas Vol. 2
    by Domo
  18. S/T
    by Somnus Throne
  19. There's No Light Without Darkness
    by Dixie Goat
  20. Hold The Line EP
    by Coco Bryce