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  1. Bellum I
    by Aquilus
  2. Enduring Creation
    by The Devils of Loudun
  3. Immerse
    by Lifeformed
  4. Entering Oblivion
    by The Devils of Loudun
  5. The Philosopher King
    by Ex Deo
  6. Echoes From Deep November (Instrumental)
    by Fires in the Distance
  7. Make It Fun - Vol. 1: Tracks for Jamming With Ronald Jenkees
    by Ronald Jenkees
  8. Fastfall (extras)
    by Lifeformed
  9. Echoes From Deep November
    by Fires in the Distance
  10. Mindful
    by Ronald Jenkees
  11. Sky Tied
    by Ronald Jenkees
  12. Malice of Antiquity
    by Astrophobos
  13. New World Misanthropia
    by The Elysian Fields
  14. The End Is Nigh
    by Apocalypse Orchestra
    Flagellants' Song Flagellants' Song
  15. From Empty Plates We Dine
    by The Blessing Way
    The Mayfair Emerald The Mayfair Emerald
    Stumbled on this album on youtube, and bought it immediately. It's so good! Not a single track I dislike, and that's a rarity for me!
    I only wish I could've got a physical version.