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  1. Salt Lake City, Utah
  2. Electronic
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    by burgersmoke
  2. I Got Heaven
  3. Free Me from This Dungeon….
    by Various Artists
  4. In Vapors
    by In Vapors
    Nanobotanical Nanobotanical
    Absolutely delicious vocals and drums. The delay on some of the parts is a treat to my ears. Love this one!
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  5. the drum n bass tape
    by fezmaster
  6. taxable sandwiches
    by fezmaster
  7. Qyo Ecclesia
    by spaceseer
  8. Oxmardyke
    by Philip Jeck & Chris Watson
  9. beginnings
    by late july
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  10. fragments
    by late july
  11. Fusion Prime: Metroid Fusion Remixed
    by Pete Lepley
  12. Sequence Breaker
    by Pete Lepley
  13. RETROID 2049
    by below the smoke
  14. Nostalgiamancer
    by Psyclopean
  15. Poetry and the Gods
    by Visions of Ulnahar/Psyclopean
  16. HDK 28 † The valley of the forgotten secrets
    by KOBOLD
  17. Qyo Ecclesia
    by spaceseer
    Strongly suggested for any scholars who study any flower-based life forms regardless of your religious affiliation. The work ethic of the Qyo is properly reflected as has been previously reported in the literature (Loblaw et al, 1968;McGlomberson, 2023)

    Besides the obvious social-cultural value of the this record, the sonic choices are superb. For this listener was an instant callback to the SNES era by its vocal sounds.
  18. Mother STREGA (1st Encounter)
    by below the smoke
    Is it just me, or did anyone SWEAT listening to this as if they were battling MOTHER BRAIN again for the 1st time?
  19. Live in Moab 01262021: "I Woke From A Bulb Fossilized, Facing the Dry, Cold West"
    by spaceseer
    This is so good. I love the slow meandering lines. This hits the pleasure center of my brain.
  20. Colossi of Kahryatt
    by spaceseer