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.:i need to get back into coming here my attention span keeps the wishlist full:.
pizza quester, local shop crawler, eater of flowers.
i don't talk or know much, but i do my best ❤︎
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  1. The Great Glass Elephant
    by Eidola
    featured track 00:00/00:00
    Going Nowhere Going Nowhere
  2. Bloodshed Across The Empyrean Altar Beyond The Celestial Zenith
    by Inquisition
    featured track 00:00/00:00
    Intro: The Force Before Darkness Intro: The Force Before Darkness
  3. Aasfresser - Vogelscheuche
    by Aasfresser
    featured track 00:00/00:00
    Jagd Jagd
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  4. Virtual High End™
    by REZ X OSCOB
    favorite track 00:00/00:00
    Plaza Jamz Plaza Jamz
    So, the album release before this resulted in a charred kettle and a potato martyr of Vaporwave. Upon finding there would indeed be an end to the REZ X OSCOB trio of Virtual Highs I knew what needed to be done. The first track being a warp of the journey I've had with these two amazing artists spun me from reality as I understood it. Mesmerizing and a staple of the genre. REZ X OSCOB deliver once again. Thanks for the ride. It's been real.
  5. Buds
    by Surf Curse
    favorite track 00:00/00:00
    Fire Walk With Me Fire Walk With Me
    I had a grilled cheese which to my dismay held traces of pineapple in it. These tracks made that alright. Surf Curse is and will be my go to for late night car rides and the right summery feels when I need it most. Like an old friend's jacket, or a cold cola from your favorite maker the want to just throw your arms up and wail aren't an odd thought when they're playing. "Fire Walk With Me" as a Twin Peaks fan makes my heart jitter like a six shot espresso coffee.
  6. Bad Happy B-Sides
    by Bubblegum Octopus
    favorite track 00:00/00:00
    Panic Moonstrike Panic Moonstrike
    It's always nice to go back to the beginning and even more to be granted a glimpse of the B-Sides. The heart swelling grooves and funky synthetic chaos is why I've continued to hold Bubblegum Octopus close to the beating thing inside my ribcage.
  7. Critters
    by Bubblegum Octopus
    favorite track 00:00/00:00
    Motion of the Slug & the Mold Motion of the Slug & the Mold
    Fiendishly frenetic. This cutesy rectangle is a vessel of the power and musical force that is "m@ the c@". The lavish lyrical content with the ranging vocabulary can be spent trying to sum up how happy this made me and go nowhere. Dude's intense musically, and nothing I say can do this artist the right amount of justice. Just turn this on. Turn it up and wonder the streets, doodle, have your children. Soundtracking a pizza hunt turn epic quest in a sailor suit.
  8. -Q-
    by 회사AUTO
    favorite track 00:00/00:00
    tropic [memories in coral] tropic [memories in coral]
    Strong from start to finish. Perfect for running errands in elevators and creating an ambient energetic calm. The clear vocals on "milky way" layered over the beat turning into a twinkling ribbon of bliss made the track tie as favorite next to the balmy flute laden "tropic [memories in coral]". Hard to describe, yet easy to enjoy.
  9. Soft Feelings (cassette)
    by Dream Suicides
    favorite track 00:00/00:00
    Romance Wrecked My Life Romance Wrecked My Life
    First off I'll be honest and say that the Winona Ryder everything had me reeled in. Pressing play might have been the best thing I did for myself. This album is simply wonderful for those dreary commutes on public transit and will be sure to brighten the experience. Soft vocals and danceable tunes, I'm more than happy to support.
  10. Theoretical Love Is Not Dead
    by Personality Disorders
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    waking up to the sound of you leaving waking up to the sound of you leaving
    The artist's description cannot sum it up any better. This album is that tiny sting of realization, the throbbing heartache, and the listless joy of company and the impact different individuals leave. The melodies do their part to lure you in and the experimental edits let you know that this is indeed a reality. On a personal note I felt with this album and it's sense of sweet raw honesty.
    by crystal SURGE
    favorite track 00:00/00:00
    Dial up depression Dial up depression
    A nice blend of down tempo electronic. Soothing and gaining interest right away. VHS AFTERLIFE is now a daily companion for me in all it's iridescent glory.