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  1. Afterlife In Darkness Part II
    by Black Lion Records
  2. Chants of Liberation
    by Monasterium Imperi
  3. Mundus Sanctorium
    by Monasterium Imperi
  4. Dark Litanies of Terra
    by Monasterium Imperi
    by Noctivagant
  6. Awakening from Dukkha
    by Nine Treasures
  7. Lilith: Anima Tenebrarum [Compilation, 2016-2021]
    by Corona Barathri
  8. A Golden Thread : The Three Fates
    by Black Egg & Alone In The Hollow Garden
  9. Une balle dans le pied
    by THROANE
  10. Dark Ambient of 2020
    by Cryo Chamber
  11. Rites Of Darkness And Dismal Visions
    by Umbrarum Tenebrae
  12. MMXX
    by Noctivagant
  13. Last Winter
    by Myrkri Skógr
  14. The Best Of 2020
  15. Yig
    by Cryo Chamber Collaboration
  16. At the Maw of Ruin
    by Green Druid
  17. Tremors to Signal the End
    by Opium Doom Cult
  18. The Path Of The Shaman
    by Emme Ya & Undirheimar
  19. Nordariket
    by NORDEIN
  20. Acermeh
    by Treha Sektori