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  1. The Dungeon On The Moon
    by Weress
    The Thief Of Souls And Stars The Thief Of Souls And Stars
    A wonderful piece of music... The cover sets the tone for the album so to say. Dream-like, otherworldly, mysterious and full of wonders. The overall sound is somewhat "lighter", more filled with wonder and awe than the usual gloomy, murky dungeonsynth, making this release stand out from oh so many same-sounding DS projects.
  2. The Æon Callers
    by Old Glow
    Æon V Æon V
    An absolutely stunning release. While being still rooted in classic dungeonsynth the added choirs, bells, chimes and sometimes martial drumming give it an even movie soundtrack atmosphere, like in some unknown fantasy movie from the 60s. Brooding, archaic, epic... great!
  3. Slow And Heavy
    by Diplodocus
    Faint Burning Glimmer in the Mesozoic Sky. Faint Burning Glimmer in the Mesozoic Sky.
    While not as bombastic as the "B-side" this one also is fantastic. Classic dungeonsynth coupled with a more primal than "dungeon-y"feel. Again the added chants make it even more special for me.
  4. Slow And Heavy (B-side)
    by Diplodocus
    Return of the Thunder Lizard Return of the Thunder Lizard
    Probably my fave dunegonsynth this year. Combines the kind of old-school dungeonsynth sound with great epicness and majesty. Also love the archaic, primal chants in the background which gives it even a "sword & sandal" movie soundtrack atmosphere.
  5. Remember
    by Don Dellpiero
    Adventure Seekers Adventure Seekers
    He did it again... Once more Don Dellpiero delivers Dream/Retrowave both uplifting and melancholic at the same time. He just knows how to capture how we feel when thinking of our childhood and youth in the golden era of the 80s. Yes, time moved on and we are adults long since but this music lights the spark of sweet, sweet nostalgia and spending light in the areas of our minds full of past treasures...
  6. From The Past Into Our Future
    by Don Dellpiero
  7. Meet You At The 80s Arcades
    by Don Dellpiero
  8. Born 1981
    by Don Dellpiero
  9. That Friday Feeling
    by Don Dellpiero
  10. The Resurrection of a Hero
    by Don Dellpiero
  11. Lamborghinis of Japan's Underworld
    by Don Dellpiero
  12. Chance of a Lifetime
    by Don Dellpiero
  13. Time Travel
    by Don Dellpiero
    Beyond The Law Beyond The Law
    Oh Boy, what a fantastic piece of music we have here. From all the hundreds (thousands?) of retro/synthe/dreamwave artists out there, Don Dellpiero manages to capture the term "sweet nostalgia" just perfectly. Every tune oozes the yearning for the golden era called "the eighties". "Beyond The Law" is even more and in my opinion just is retro magic put into notes...
  14. Ik Gihorta Dat Seggen
    by Isegrimm
  15. Über Den Sieben Bergen
    by Isegrimm
  16. Der Herr von Verona
    by Isegrimm
  17. Foreign Fantasy (Argonath split)
    by Argonath & Isegrimm
  18. Wandering Far
    by Sequestered Keep
  19. Regal Hymns of Blood
    by Barak Tor
  20. Gil-Estel
    by Thangorodrim
  21. Saga Of Blood Lands
    by Morketsvind
  22. Mystery Of Vril
    by Uvodna
  23. The Lord of the Fairies
    by RævJäger
  24. The Tale of Axe & Torch
    by RævJäger
    Torchkeeper's Path Torchkeeper's Path
    RævJäger's delievers a wonderful journey into fantasy. To me a genre like "Adventure Synth" would be even more fitting. This music takes you not only into dungeons but to a whole imaginary world. Superb!
  25. A Journey Across Primordial Lands (3 Way Split)
    by Splendorius Barak Tor RævJäger
  26. Raevult!
    by RævJäger
  27. When Warhorn and Magical Flute sing together [EP]
    by RævJäger
    When Warhorn and Magical Flute Sing Together When Warhorn and Magical Flute Sing Together
    Another mysterious, magical journey into the realm of RævJäger. Easily lets your your imagination travel along. Especially love the title track and the bonus song "The way of Barbarian King"!
  28. Morning Star
    by Sidereal Fortress
  29. A Winter Refuge
    by Sidereal Fortress
  30. Escape
    by Sidereal Fortress
  31. Racconti Del Focolare
    by Sidereal Fortress
  32. Vette Inquiete
    by Sidereal Fortress
  33. Ruins
    by Sidereal Fortress
  34. The Forgotten Tomb Of Yshnak
    by Sidereal Fortress
  35. Dreaming Spire
    by Runeshard
    Atlantean Sword Atlantean Sword
    Fantastic! Runeshard def. should appeal to every fan of Bal Sagoth yearning for more music in this rather special way. Only few bands capture the feel Bal Sagoth inventend, Runeshard hit it spot on! I hope there are plans for many more in the near future!
  36. We Are The Wolves
    by Walpyrgus
  37. Outlaw
    by Walpyrgus
  38. Cold Cold Ground
    by Walpyrgus
  39. The Sisters
    by Walpyrgus
  40. Rising From The Grave
  41. CYBORGS - 2010
    Iron Battlezone (CYBORGS - 2010) Iron Battlezone (CYBORGS - 2010)
    Fantastic stuff. A bit more on the electronic, beat-driven side of things with crunchy guitars on top. Great!
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    Omega Force Omega Force
    Outstanding stuff! The perfect blend of all things I like, 80s over the top! Metal/HardRock/retrowave topped with great mangy vocals. Absolute no-brainer and my fave album of this brilliant band!
  43. Vigilante
    by Sportello
  44. Raw Licks, Sleazy Flicks
    by Megahammer
    Yes, you easily get my with ninjas, true... However besides the imagery this one really is a killer release. While - at least in my ears - tons of retro/synthwave artists sound quite alike, Megahammer has it's personal style which absolutely gets me. Outstanding!
  45. Murder Disco
    by Megahammer