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  1. Artificial Dance
    by Savant
  2. Fuzz Club Session
    by The Janitors
  3. Throw Down Bones
    by Throw Down Bones
  4. Haunted
    by The Underground Youth
  5. The Perfect Enemy For God
    by The Underground Youth
  6. Time Well
    by Cloakroom
    Gone But Not Entirely Gone But Not Entirely
    Great shoegaze in the vein of Ride, My Bloody Valentine and such.
  7. Forgive Yourself
    by Publicist UK
  8. Cloak of Skies (Atmospheric Death/Doom Metal)
  9. COFFINS / ILSA Split
    by Coffins
  10. Threshold Between Worlds
    by Shallow Grave
    The Horrendous Abyss The Horrendous Abyss
    This is what Mordor must be like.
    Dark, doomy and scorching hot!
    Not to mention that piercing eye!
    Pure bliss...
  11. Awake
    by Seedium
    Ruina Cordis Ruina Cordis
    This makes me forget time because time doesn't actually exist.
    Neither does everything else, we're just ooze in a body.
  12. Wicked Worlds
    by Birnam Wood
    Early Warning Early Warning
    Sludge and Doom goes hand in hand, hitting you on the way wherever they can...massacre for the ears!
    Don't go out in the Birnam Wood alone...
  13. Dystopia
    by Isole
  14. Chronic Titan
    by Chronobot
    Chronic Titan Chronic Titan
    There's so much going on on this album.
    It's like Hawkwind but on LSD...
    I advice to listen to this through headphones.
    I literally went through a black hole. I'm fine now but everything stopped and got defragmented!
  15. Feel Great
    by Wrong
  16. Wrong
    by Wrong
  17. Restarter
    by Torche
    Minions Minions
    Yay! It's Torche, what else can I add?
  18. Admission
    by Torche
    Admission Admission
    Been following Torche for about 15 years now and they keep me flabbergasted with their talent. Please don't let it stop...
  19. Sun Rose
    by My Diligence
  20. The Glitter of Infinite Hell
    by Clouds Taste Satanic
    Treachery Treachery
    Psychedelic and Doom, goodies from both worlds. Love it.