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  1. What They Are Trying to Sell
    by Doctor Doom
  2. Everything in Sight
    by Snake Mountain Revival
  3. The Ocean
    by Fostermother
  4. Scrap Metal - Vol. 1
    by RidingEasy Records
    I grew up on a scrap yard. My dad owns and operates a scrap metal processing yard since around the time these songs originated. So this one hits home just based on its title and was a no-brainer having bought every Brown Acid album to date from Riding Easy. Scrap Metal is brutally toxic with a myriad of proto-punk energy, corroded riffage and greasy vocals. Not unlike the piles of heavy metal at my dads pit in Eastern California.
  5. Pathos
    by Obsidian Sea
  6. Titan Slug
    by Headless Monarch
  7. Dead Mountain
    by Black Wail
    the Frigate the Frigate
  8. Brown Acid - The Thirteenth Trip
    by RidingEasy Records
  9. The Deepest Lake
    by Dengue Fever
  10. Dengue Fever Presents: Electric Cambodia
  11. Forgotten Memories of Tomorrow
    by Ethereal Sea
  12. 4
    by Kvasir
  13. Alpha Waves
    by Fever Dog
    In My Hands In My Hands
    Alpha Waves enrapture us with a viral load of demented prog meets proto-metallic space rock. Imagine a crossbred Pink Floyd Terrier and Steve Miller Spaniel.
  14. Light of Ancient Times, Vol. 2
    by Thus Live Humans
    Light of Ancient Times Light of Ancient Times
    Vol. 2 carries on where Vol. 1 began by completely burning down what was left of the barn of bad ass psychedelic blues. Prepare to be incinerated by sublime groove and intoxicating aura.
  15. Fuzz Sagrado
    by Fuzz Sagrado
  16. Jack Chrome and the Darkness Waltz
    by Russell Morris & Rick Springfield
    This hit me like a ton of bricks and continues to comfort me with its stark portrayal of Mexican blues meets dark Americana. Springfield’s gritty vocals alongside the boggy riffs and bombastic percussion make Jessie’s girl croon with intimidation and envy. Mandatory vinyl import!
  17. No Comfort
    by Adapter Adapter
    Let’s imagine we put ZZ Top, SRV, The Misfits, and George Thorogood in a cast iron pot. Now let those flavors stew and amplify that shit on stage served with cheap beer and cigarettes. Dirty, swampy, southern fried blues to the max!!!!
  18. The Rest
    by Kill Chicago
    Wishbook Wishbook
    Absolutely enamored with Kill Chicago’s genre-less ability to set a hook, instigate a mood and carry an array of tunes capable of triggering the endorphins and satisfying a craving with timeless emotion. Quickly turning into one of favorites of the year plus their entire back catalog is gold.
  19. Lost Horse Returns Of Its Own Accord
    by T.G. Olson
  20. Volcanic Rock Live
    by Buffalo Revisited