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  1. Sing-Along Songs For the Damned and Delirious
    by Diablo Swing Orchestra
    Bedlam Sticks Bedlam Sticks
    Quite extraodinary fusion of musical styles. I like swing and jazz, I like metal. What is not to like here? :)
    by Tanith
    Citadel Citadel
  3. IV
    by Fief
  4. Dawn of Victory
    by Rhapsody
    Holy Thunderforce Holy Thunderforce
  5. Power of the Dragonflame
    by Rhapsody
    Knightrider of Doom Knightrider of Doom
  6. Legendary Tales
    by Rhapsody
    Flames of Revenge Flames of Revenge
    Pioneers of symphonic power metal! I have come accross this gem at Bandcamp by chance. I am a Rhapsody fan for more over a decade. Finding it here had been an opportunity to legalize my collection :-). I have been more than happy to do so.
  7. Rain of a Thousand Flames
    by Rhapsody
    Queen of the Dark Horizons Queen of the Dark Horizons
    appears in 1 other collection
  8. Symphony of Enchanted Lands
    by Rhapsody
    Emerald Sword Emerald Sword
  9. The Savage and the Grace
    by Masters Of Disguise
    Sins of the Damned Sins of the Damned
  10. The Changeling
    by Merrigan
  11. Gravedigger's Faire
    by Merrigan
    The Golden Hill The Golden Hill
  12. The Court of Leaves
    by Erutan
    Star Above the Garter - Monaghan's Jig - Water Under the Keel Star Above the Garter - Monaghan's Jig - Water Under the Keel
    Absolutely marvelous. Great interpretation of old songs, very nice CD booklet (which is part of digital download). This album made me find other interpretations (as well as originals -- if known) and compare them. It has been a great way of exploring Erutan's music.
  13. Raindancer
    by Erutan
    Winter Moon Winter Moon
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  21. Pieśni Starego Lasu
    by Leśne Licho
    Bijatyka Bijatyka
    Great first album, from now on, this Polish band is under my radar. It has closer to doom instead of folk metal in my opinion, but not that it matters. Great lead woman vocals.
  22. Phillharmonics
    by Agnes Obel
    On Powered Ground On Powered Ground
    Great voice and song writing. Best enjoyed in quiet and calm places.
  23. Snowmelt (EP)
    by Zoe Keating
    Possible Possible
  24. Aventine
    by Agnes Obel
    Fivefold Fivefold
    As with Phillharmonics, I cannot stop listening to this great album.
  25. Smutnice
    by Silent Stream Of Godless Elegy
    Ten, ktery ukoval Slunce Ten, ktery ukoval Slunce
    Any time this band releases a new album my expectations are very high. As a long time loyal fan I appreciate the mood and melodies. Sounds a bit like a previous release Návaz, maybe a bit too same, but still a great album, one of my favourites in 2018.
  26. Todbringer
    by Ellende
    Am Ende stirbst du allein Am Ende stirbst du allein
    Slow, melanchonic and great!
  27. Osen V Stile Folk ( acoustic live album 2012)
    by Kalevala
    Kalevala Kalevala
    I just recently find out about Kalevala and this acoustic folk live album is marvelous! All the music is great and hopefully I would see them live some day.
  28. Hour of the Nightingale
    by Trees of Eternity
    Sinking Ships Sinking Ships
    Expressive, sad, but somehow I do not feel the despair and hopelessness. Perfect album in every aspect.
  29. Żółte Kwiaty
    by Leśne Licho
    Żółte Kwiaty Żółte Kwiaty
    I have supported this album without any hesitation at first sight (listen). Labeled as folk-metal, this album sounds a bit more like doom/gothic metal album with great lead female vocals and some folk elements. I say ok to that. Good idea to add some extra content to download bundle (ie. lyrics).
  30. Воды Тунд (Waters Of Tund)
    by Mysteria Mortis
    Под Первым Снегом Под Первым Снегом
  31. Queen Alone
    by Lady Wray
    Guilty Guilty
    I am definitely not into r&b and soul, but I really enjoy listening to this album. Maybe I should try more soul after all :-)
  32. Underneath My Feet b/w Guilty
    by Lady Wray
    Guilty Guilty
    Version of Guilty (my favourite song by Lady Wray overall) on this album is better than on 'Queen Alone' album.
  33. The Knight of Rebellion
    by Dream Tröll
    Unwanted by the Gods Unwanted by the Gods
  34. The Witch's Curse
    by Dream Tröll
    In The Name Of Isabella In The Name Of Isabella
    Good old metal! I like the voice and riffs, and I am a big fan of the story unveiled in three great songs. What more to ask for?
  35. Vicious Breed
    by Lady Beast (Official)
    Vicious Breed Vicious Breed
    by An Abstract Illusion
    Vakuum Vakuum
  37. Bande À Part
    by Nouvelle Vague
    Dance With Me Dance With Me
  38. Nouvelle Vague
    by Nouvelle Vague
    Guns Of Brixton Guns Of Brixton
  39. I Could Be Happy
    by Nouvelle Vague
  40. 3
    by Nouvelle Vague
    Master And Servant Master And Servant
  41. Litourgiya
    by Batushka
  42. Oath Bound
    by Summoning
    Unfortunately, not every band is Summoning. Great album from start to finish. Mirdautas Vras truly is epic.
  43. Let Mortal Heroes Sing Your Fame
    by Summoning
    Summoning is legend. Epic atmospheric black metal classic. One of the best albums ever.
  44. Old Mornings Dawn
    by Summoning
    Great album, Old Mornings Dawn is one of the best songs by Silenius & Protector.
  45. With Doom We Come
    by Summoning
    Long awaited release for me, not so great as the previous ones, but still one of the best albums of the year.