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  1. Slow Beam
    by Dead Now
  2. A Raw Youth (Digital Deluxe)
    by Le Butcherettes
    Wrecking Ball (Live At Rough Trade) Wrecking Ball (Live At Rough Trade)
  3. Cry Is For The Flies
    by Le Butcherettes
    Your Weakness Gives Me Life Your Weakness Gives Me Life
  5. Debbie Does Fuzz
    by The Buzzards of Fuzz
  6. Fantomen EP
    by Fantomen
    Motorcycle With A Skeleton On It Motorcycle With A Skeleton On It
    I can not pick a favorite song when you crank out killer rock like this. They say it best so i will just quote here "Listen if you love: Queens of the Stone Age, giant skeletons, Ghost, WWI biplanes doing loops in the air with smoke coming out of the back, Black Rebel Motorcycle Club, real motorcycle clubs, Baroness, that one part in the Exorcist with Pazuzu’s real face."
  8. What's For Breakfast
    by Georgia Soul Council
    Summer Smoov Attack Summer Smoov Attack
    by OLD BLOOD
    Glowplug Glowplug
  10. Enjoy. The Devil
    by OLD BLOOD
  11. Bloody Feathers
    by OLD BLOOD
  12. Dead Now
    by Dead Now
    Ritchie Blackmourning Ritchie Blackmourning
  13. New American Jet Rock
    by Shehehe
    Outta My Head Outta My Head
  14. Humanity Loss
    by CANOPY
  15. Opium For The Masses
    by OMEGA SUN
  16. Live Session
    by Vinnum Sabbathi
  17. 6 σ: Side A
    by Vinnum Sabbathi
  18. The Good Earth is Dying (Split w/ Cegvera)
    by Vinnum Sabbathi
  19. Gravity Works
    by Vinnum Sabbathi
  20. 6 σ : Side B
    by Vinnum Sabbathi