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  1. The Flight I Flew
    by Ian Cooke
  2. Relapse Sampler 2018
    by Relapse Sampler
  3. AA120. Hexis - Tando Ashanti LP
    by Alerta Antifascista Records
  4. Tahoma
    by Alda
  5. M
    by Myrkur
  6. The Incubus Of Karma
    by Mournful Congregation
  7. Rimfrost
    by Rimfrost
  8. Mechanisms Of Misanthropy
    by Stahlsarg
  9. Monastery
    by Griffar
  10. Opus De Tyranis
    by Death Tyrant
  11. It All Turns To Ashes
    by Grief Of Emerald
  12. Singularity
    by Stortregn
  13. The Canticle Of Shadows
    by Darkend
  14. Izi.Im.Kurnu-Ki
    by Neolith
  15. Emaciated Deity
    by Bliss of Flesh
  16. Structres In Chaos
    by Temple
  17. Infernal Aphorism
    by Nazghor
  18. The Devils Deep
    by Grief Of Emerald
  19. Ghostlands - Wounds From A bleeding Earth
    by Wormwood
  20. Purified Through Devastation
    by Against The Plagues
  21. From The Abyss They Rise
    by Pantheon I
  22. Temple Of Daevas
    by From The Vastland
  23. Where Hatred Dwells And Darkness Reigns
    by Zornheym
  24. The Selected Breed
    by In Reverence
  25. Return To Provenance
    by Golden Dawn
  26. A Clash Under The Northern Wind
    by Rimfrost
  27. Aeon
    by Invoker
  28. Violence Reigns Supreme
    by Winter of Sin
  29. Beati Pauperes Spiritu
    by Bliss of Flesh
  30. Sirens
    by Morke
  31. Obituary
    by Obituary
  32. Terminal Redux
    by Vektor
  33. Kelle Surut Soi
    by Havukruunu
  34. Dying Light
  35. The Sea Which Has Become Known
    by Mare Cognitum
  36. Luminiferous Aether
  37. Untitled
    by FALSE
  38. La Passione De Sacco & Vanzetti
    by Panopticon
  39. Kentucky
    by Panopticon
  40. Ygg huur
    by Krallice
  41. Hyperion
    by Krallice
  42. Years Past Matter
    by Krallice
  43. Sleep at the Edge of the Earth
    by Wilderun
  44. Myrkur
    by Myrkur
  45. Songs for the Slain
    by Winterhymn