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  1. Soul Flex
    by Kareem Ali
  2. Get Up
    by Kareem Ali
  3. A Full And Complete Freedom
    by Kareem Ali
  4. Bout That Life
    by Raw Gamma
  5. Take It Too Far
    by Captain Over
  6. Who Fyah Shot ?!
    by Seekersinternational
  7. Jyoti - Orgone
    by SomeOthaShip Connect
  8. Quality Time Sound System
    by Gavsborg
    blindsided! but in such a good way!
    no favourite - both tracks bump - different temps but bonafide heaters!
  9. Harsh Riddims Vol. 1
    by Harsh Riddims Blood Sucking Cassette Co.
    coz i'm a freak
  10. UNTITLED (Black Is)
    by SAULT
    At a time when the entire world has been locked down and the non-sleepers united by the threat of deadly and oppressive forces, Sault have created sound / art / (r)evolutionary power that is revving up our collective transformation right before our eyes. and ears. and souls.

  11. African Songbird
    by Sathima Bea Benjamin
    do you realise how lucky we are that Matsuli have released this rarity on vinyl?!


  12. Moonlight Mixtape
    by TYSON
  13. Beverly Glenn-Copeland
    by Beverly Glenn-Copeland
  14. Earthbound
    by LCSM "Likwid Continual Space Motion"
    IG Culture is one of the greatest artists of our time. his nuanced compositions have been trailblazing and informing other artists for decades.

    always at the forefront, this album further showcases his range and skill and i can guarantee you, it will still sound fresh in decades to come.

    there's no one else like him.
  15. Don't Let This Change
    by MidnightRoba (feat. Bubby Lewis)
  16. MOSS
    by Osunlade
  17. Really Wanna
    by Steve Spacek
  18. 'Play Play' - DJ Polo (Love) Flip
    by DJ POLO
  19. Temporary Music
    by Asa Tone
  20. REKchampa 2010-2013
    by REKchampa
    My Boo (REKchampa Remix) My Boo (REKchampa Remix)
    Ringer ring ringing long after it's played----

    fav tracks:
    LW (not made for me but i can live that fantasy) and
    My Boo - the mark of an excellent chef is the preparation of the simplest of things - like an omelette

    this track melts in your mouth and down into your whole body until you forget you're even sitting in a restaurant