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Brian Thomas

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  1. Coriky
    by Coriky
  2. I Quit My Job At Kinko's
    by Frank Fuzz
  3. C.O.D.
    by Mark Mulcahy
  4. Franks And A Flag
    by Mark Mulcahy
  5. PRF/BLM
    by PRF/BLM
  6. This Could Have Been Avoided
    by Mayor For Life
  7. Take the Peninsula
    by OUT
  8. unreliable sketches
    by the rutabega
  9. 600 Dollar Squeeze
    by Saxsquatch & Bridge Band
  10. The Seasons
    by The Terminal Orchestra
  11. Leave Home, Rabbit
    by The Terminal Orchestra
  12. Fiver's Plan
    by The Terminal Orchestra
  13. The Blue Line
    by Bon Air
  14. Down
    by The Chanteymen
    Tooth Decay Tooth Decay
    What an absolutely gorgeous album. Tooth Decay has been on a loop in my head since I first heard it.
  15. Xuma
    by The God Eaters
  16. The Long Con
    by WORK
  17. Air By the Ton
    by Stomatopod
  18. Doing The Lords
    by WORK
  19. Your Reign Is Over
    by Leonids
  20. Nonagon / Knife The Symphony Split 7"
    by Nonagon / Knife The Symphony