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bryface international music concern

  1. Vancouver, British Columbia
  2. Electronic
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  1. Blip Festival 2008
    by Jellica
  2. party mix
    by Jellica
  3. flower
    by kyoheifujita
  4. Lineage
    by plusol
  5. Dead Space Men
    by Rekcahdam & Jay Andromeda
  6. 10 Years Dreaming
    by Star Fighter Dreams
  7. Crema Binaria
    by chibi-tech
  8. Kunai - Original Soundtrack
    by Shannon Mason (Pongball)
  9. Modern Closure
    by 4mat
  10. Magnetosphere
    by Guérin
  11. Next Level
    by Graz
  12. Chipscape
    by scythe
  13. Mirage Diary
    by scythe
  14. Nighty Night Stories
    by scythe
  15. GAMEBOY tech
    by cow'p
  16. Soundcheck (demo)
    by Children Of The Rave
  17. Rebirth
    by Shirobon
  18. Live at Workshop
  19. Neither Moon Nor Star
    by Heosphoros
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  20. Battle Jazz Classics II
    by don'tblinkoryou'lldie
    Michiko Michiko
    This album of operatic, densely-packed LSDJ bossfight power pop metal is pure hype fuel for those needing to inject their day with pure adrenaline.