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Vancouver, British Columbia
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hobbyist composer looking for deeper meaning in limited hardware. check out my newest album VARIOUS TOPICS here:


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  1. K҉̵̼̤͎̣̀͝Į̵͏̢͕̯̙̗͓S͟͠͏̮͖̯̳̠̜͖̬͚̪̙̣̣͓͍͜S̨̭̺̼͇͙̖͍̳̩̗̞̹̮͉̠͍͍̺͢͟C̴̸̢̫͖͖̻̦̞̘̰̲͖̩̱̻̫͚͉͢Ǫ̷̕͟҉͙͉͓̬͈̙͍̜ͅͅR҉́͝҉̠̙̥̪̰̖͇̥͕̝̙̮̝̰̝̦ͅͅR̝̜̲͓̙̫̝̼̹̥̪͙͎̝̝̣̙̗̖͘͝Ứ̥̼͙̞̱͢P҉͚͚͔͉͚̕T̸̨̪̙̘͈̙̮̺͉͘͘ͅ ̸̡̼̼̝̥̯͕̪͎̭̗͚̪̲͚͞͞͝Ḱ̷̴̦͓̘̫̙̖̼̞͈̬̯͖̤̣̰I̶̡̢̥̙͖̺̗̰̦̳̦͓͟͞ͅL̩̮̖̪̦̘̯̜̪͠͠L̸̙̩͖̼͈̹͜ͅ ͏̧͙̜̣̟̝͙̰̥̤͖͘
    by MizKai
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    You got this! You got this!
  2. Your Heart is a Pie Chart
    by Roboctopus
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    Waste LAN Waste LAN
    Everybody's favourite cybernetic cephalopod returns with yet more technical innovations atop an already well-established base of dancey pop with an indie flair. Michael's repertoire evolves nicely with an even more sample-heavy approach.
  3. Cosmic Diaspora
    by Shnabubula
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    V One Final Test V One Final Test
    This album both sounds AND looks like the Expanding Brain Meme - not just by way of the trippy album art, but also due to the nigh-untouchable next-level complexities of Shnabubula's prog-fusion songwriting. Steel your nerves for a journey to every corner of the known universe.
  4. 3
    by Tricot
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    18,19 18,19
    Every release keeps getting better and better. Ultra-precise effortless rhythmic complexities, a sense of nimble lightheartedness, and confident, devil-may-care musical execution make this album a must-have. It's mathrock that doesn't overly idolize the math part - instead the raw emotions take front-and-center.
  5. First Serve
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    Agassi Clearly Now (My Hair Has Gone) Agassi Clearly Now (My Hair Has Gone)
    BORIS BECKER are the once and future masters of 6-dimensional concept band chess. They're the band you didn't know you wanted, yet at the very same time, the band you won't have known you will one day want. These songs are cleverly written, catchy, and easy to sing along to (and even easier yet to sing along to whilst holding the meticulously-assembled fanzine). This lifelong fan eagerly awaits this band's impending collaboration with the real Boris Becker.
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  6. Safe tools
    by Eat Rabbit
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    Berliner Berliner
    I still listen to this album all the time, such a wide range of sonic and stylistic territory is on display here that each song feels like a completely fresh experience. Do yourself a favour and serve this album as a giant slice of humble pie to your favourite LSDJ Artist That Makes The Same Generic-Sounding Growlbass Techno Over And Over Again =P
  7. Mechanical Love Fighters - 5th EP
    by Robotprins
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    Mechanical Love Fighters Mechanical Love Fighters
    Light and airy flourishes, a real sense of groove and pleasantly intricate and expressive songwriting (especially the melody work) make this album required purchasing for those who like the more old-school and jazzy sounds of the earlier-era famicom sound palette.
  8. Mobile Swarming
    by Chrome Cobra
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    Stolen Protocol Stolen Protocol
    Possibly the best "My First LSDJ" album i've heard in distant memory - although not surprising given the author's huge breadth of experience in a huge variety of chip platforms. This album is exceedingly efficient at cutting to the heart of its thesis: B A N G I N G P A R T Y B A N G E R S . It makes no apologies; it takes no prisoners; it demands that you have fun and get down. And You Will Obey.
  9. The Mutual Promise
    by chibi-tech
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    Neuromageddon Neuromageddon
    For those who wonder where else chibi-tech could possibly go after single-handedly launching the NES to a new era of aural chip supremacy, this EP provides the answer by way of two tracks that each twist modern musical genres into wholly new territory. Insane trademark techniques and expressive melodies are as present as ever, but album is about hard-hitting, relentless party grooves.
  10. Chaos Theatre
    by The Runaway Four
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    Battle Royale Battle Royale
    It's refreshing to know that there are bands who are not satisfied with straight videogame covers - but to instead assemble as many as possible into a frighteningly massive megadimensional tesseract of music that feels as if it's making a collective statement about video game music as a whole. R4's hard work and their passion for the games that form the repertoire definitely pay off here. A well-produced first release and definitely a sign of even greater things to come!
  11. Whiskers Mahone
    by Hoffy
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    2 Countdown to Oblivion 2 Countdown to Oblivion
    A very ambitious release that speaks to Hoffy's prolific musical output. Like many older prog albums, this is one of those releases that needs to be listened to in its entirety - several nice moments are sprinkled throughout a large smorgasbord of changes in metre and theme. Looking forward to further releases that continue to hone this concept even further.


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