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  1. Vox Vulgaris - La Suite meurtrere
    by V/A
  2. Stella splendens in monte
    by La Pichardo
    I believe the original medieval was written for two voices. I have heard other arrangements but they include instruments. If my belief is correct, this would be a pure, very accurate rendition of the original manuscript.
  3. Death Stranding Theme
    by Julien Hauspie
    First there was an explosion.
  5. Parawaian Drugs
    by Norep Aviv
  6. Eternal Return
    by Windhand
  7. Here Be Dragons
    by The Kilimanjaro Darkjazz Ensemble
  8. Bezárt világ
  9. Ungrown Tug
  10. Far Away And Into Space pt.1
    by Elbrus
    appears in 1 other collection
  11. Torn Up
    by MOOCH
  12. True Shades of The True World
    by Crust
  13. Phantasmal Planetoid
    by Kabbalah
  14. The last bow
    by Satellite Beaver
  15. In Circles We Die
    The Few Remains The Few Remains
  16. Snowfall to an Urn
    by Deafened
  17. Knur
    by Kapitan Bongo
  18. Dust and Absent Light
    by Snake Oil
  19. Born Under Black Wings
    by DÖ
  20. Revelations
    by Kabbalah
    This band can share the same shrine as Pentagram.
  21. Awaken
    by Unearthly Child
  22. Manifiesto de Blasfemia
    Infernal Goat Worship Infernal Goat Worship
  23. Grajo
    by Grajo
    If in the concerts the singer is not in a cocktail dress and evening gloves surrounded by leather-clad instrumentalist with corpse paint, I am going to be dissappointed.
  24. Nightmares Overcome
    by Beneath The Storm
  25. Capicorla EP
    by Ganesha
  26. Live At Roadburn 2009
    by Church Of Misery
    Taste The Pain Taste The Pain
  27. Zorya
    by SUNNATA
    Long gone Long gone
  28. Welcome To Nothing
    by Grave Lines
  29. I'm Tha Real Rap Revolution
    by Shit Lizard
    Died Young, Didn't Stay Pretty Because Of The Natural Process Of Decomposition Died Young, Didn't Stay Pretty Because Of The Natural Process Of Decomposition
  30. Hecatomb
    by Repugnant
    The Usurper The Usurper
    A celtic frost cover is like microwaving a chocolate cookie for five seconds. You don't really need it, you were going to consume it anyway, but it is so much better.
  31. Valley Of The Stone
    by SET
  32. The Stone John Experience
    by Stone Dead
  33. vs. "The Falcannon"
  34. Is Dead
    by DRONT
  35. The Question of Sanity EP
    by Bad Monster Black
    Death Comes Home Death Comes Home
    The guys of Celtic Frost decided to summon Kurt Cobain out of the seventh circle and have him singing Death Comes Home.
  36. Ungl'unl'rrlh'chchch
    by Ungl'unl'rrlh'chchch
    Azathoth Azathoth
    I'm pretty sure the band's name means something in Welsh.
    EDIT: actually from the climax of Rats in the Walls, by H. P. Lovecraft.
  37. Dead Wilderness
    by The Shooters
  38. Moonchild
    by Morito Ergo Sum
    Moonchild Moonchild
  39. Years of Dirt
    by DOGGOD
    3rd Year of Dirt: In Mud We Crust 3rd Year of Dirt: In Mud We Crust
  40. Black Moldy Brew
    by LAIR
    Chort Chort
    Shepherd metal? Shepherd metal.
  41. The Crush
    by Miracle Of Sound
  42. Road Rage
    by Miracle Of Sound
    The video for this song is amazing. They should make a movie or something.
  43. How About A Nice Big Cup Of Shut The Fuck Up
    by Bizarre Lizard
  44. Foam
    by Shit Lizard
    Good ambient music, perfect for soundtrack for any modern or futuristic RPG or board-game setting.
  45. Witchboro
    Polvo Zombi Polvo Zombi