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  1. EN TO PAN
    by Vukari
  2. The Clearing
    by Faerie Ring
  3. Admission
    by Torche
  4. Ascension
    by Paladin
  5. Appalling - Inverted Realm
    by Appalling
  6. Wretched Fate - Fleshletting
    by Wretched Fate
  7. Appalling - Inverted Realm
    by Appalling
  8. A Passage For Lost Years
    by VARAHA
  9. Songs For The Sally Beauty Pavilion
    by Something Is Waiting
  10. Kiss the whip.
    by Torturess
  11. Sanctum EP
    by High Priest
  12. Realms Of Eternal Decay
    by Outer Heaven
  13. Morbid Tales! A Tribute to Celtic Frost
    by Corpse Flower Records
  14. Heirs Of Discord
    by Graven
  15. Dead Now
    by Dead Now
  16. DEVOID OF THOUGHT / SHROUD OF VULTURE - "Astral Necrosis / Valium I" Split
    by F.K.R.#55 - D.O.T. / S.O.V.
  17. S/T
    by Horsewhip
  18. You're In Here With Me
    by Conjurer
  19. Shrine
    by Yashira
  20. Surmise (Descend)
    by Yashira
  21. Make America Say Merry Christmas Again
    by Anal Trump
  22. Sermon to the Snake
    by Obscene
  23. Astral Mass
    by Astral Mass
  24. That Makes Me Smart!
    by Anal Trump
    Poor People Are Too Stupid To Get A Loan From Their Parents Poor People Are Too Stupid To Get A Loan From Their Parents
  25. River Black
    by River Black
  26. Secrets of the Adept
    by Appalling
  27. Cold Migration
    by Northless
  28. Shiny Destination 7"
    by the rutabega
  29. Regrets
    by War Brides
  30. Consecration
    by High Priest