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  1. Rowville, Australia
  2. Metal
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  1. Flesh & Bones
    by The Gloom In the Corner
  2. From The Screen To Your Stereo 3
    by New Found Glory
    by Wolf Blood
  4. The Carpathian Summit
    by Illyria
  5. Bridging Oceans
    by Various
  6. Libido Dominandi (EP)
    by Deadspace
  7. Force of compromise
    by Neutral
  8. It's Not Going To kill You
    by The Murderbirds
  9. Back About Dawn
    by The Murderbirds
  10. Worriers
    by Stabbitha & the Knifey Wifeys
  11. The Unwelcome
    by LáGoon
  12. Krigsdøger
    by GJENDØD
  13. Enshrined In Eternity
    by Bašmu
  14. United EP
    by LORD
  15. Randwick
    by Last Quokka
  16. Culture Ruins Everything Around Me
    by Future Corpse
  17. Grub
    by Totally Unicorn
  18. Generic Success
    by The Social Norm
    appears in 1 other collection
  19. Sermones Mortis
    by Zeolite
  20. Always the Bridesmaid
    by flangipanis
  21. The Middle
    by Cog
  22. Sound Of Us. Volume 6
    by Melodic Punk Style
  23. The Light Bearer and The Shadow Maker
    by WE MAY FALL
  24. The World Today
    by Hobo Magic
  25. The Dank
    by Dr. Colossus
  26. The Hunter
    by Lonely Boys
  27. Death Metal Troopers
    by John.B
  28. Of Grimness and Atrocity
    by Tartarus
  29. Into The Shadow Realm
    by Shadow Realm
  30. Black Wings
    by Bane of Isildur
  31. Bane of Isildur EP
    by Bane of Isildur
  32. ...And The Earth Becomes Aflame
    by Bane of Isildur
  33. Engraved In Despair
    by Drown The Faith
    appears in 1 other collection
  34. Dream Life
    by Totally Unicorn
  35. KLOTHO
    by ALKIRA
  36. The Necrotic Design E.P
    by Decryptus
  37. Watch You Die
    by Not To Regret
  38. Untitled
    by Alex The Kid
  39. Deadwood To Worms LP
    by Space Bong
  40. Summer of Love
    by Fight the Morning
    by SANZU
  42. Wasteoid
    by Cosmic Kahuna
  43. Forged In Flame
    by Claim The Throne
  44. Unite as One
    by The Patient
  45. Life is Brutal
    by FamilyJules7x & Lyle McDouchebag